Today, the Florida shooter will stand trial

Nicholas Cruz, who opened fire on the students of the school city of Parkland, Florida, will appear before court on Thursday, said the lawyers.

Сьогодні флоридський стрілок постане перед судом

Law enforcement agencies conducted a search of the house where the shooter lived, and other places, which were not disclosed.

It is established that Cruz had purchased the rifle the AR-15, which was shot at the school in 2017, having tested for the right to purchase firearms.

The police, who studied computer sites, which were used by Cruz, found a large number of pictures of various weapons and other materials on the basis of which, in their opinion, it can be assumed that Cruz was prone to violence.

Former classmates of Cruz believe that the arrow action could be envisaged. One of the students told CNN that Cruz “has always carried a gun and even showed her.” “It could predict what will happen this is madness,” he said.

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