Today was a witness and partly a party to a horrible and very scary situation

Сегодня стала свидетелем и частично участником ужасной и очень страшной ситуации

Today was a witness and partly a participant in a terrible situation and not even terrible, and very, very scary. Stopped by in the morning to a coffee shop to drink some coffee, for Breakfast did not, sat down made an order waiting for you. Near the table sits a man at the age (approximately 60 years) and a girl of about 8-9.

The child is dressed in school uniform of the school, which is located nearby. Don’t know why, but I was confused by the girl, or rather her look, very embarrassed, the child is obviously very shy, usually relatives of the children themselves as something else are, well, whether it’s dad or grandfather, and the girl blushed, eyes lowered and did not talk much, they probably came a little before me, because when I went the waitress an order with them took, look brought ice cream, cake, juice, something else, and this man sits and such bad eyes at the girl looks, well don’t look at children and I began to listen to their conversation.

And he asks her where she goes, what class, something about the parents asked, and suddenly asks if she wants to ride in the car, he’s not far away and lives at home he is a great dog and puppies, the girl first said no, my parents don’t allow her to a stranger to walk away and he starts talking about her puppies to tell the child like look doubt want to go and apparently parental guidance remember, I already finish my coffee and the kid eats sweets.

I paid, went out, got in the car and I sit and think, and what to do to intervene is not comfortable, and suddenly I am not right, and to leave the child in such a situation do not know how, started the car sitting waiting and thinking whether to call somewhere, then I have to run. Near the ring there are always traffic cops, I got out of the car and went down there, I think I will send, I will then call the police, although the sense of what if the man’s car.

Came to the traffic police, the car was approached and explained the situation, I thought now to his temple twist, and send you, an no I’m very pleasantly surprised, immediately drove to the coffee shop, three minutes later I came out the guy with the girl to the car the traffic police to him, the documents said, the girl immediately in the roar, asked her what her first name should be in school, in General, quickly all of us in the car and in the office, thanks God it was close.

It turns out parents think that the child is in school (my mom 15 minutes later came from), and she missed school decided to skip school and went to travel in the nearby area, near a coffee shop she was approached by this “uncle” and talking, invited in cafe, man was 63 years old with 2 convictions for pedophilia and the last 10 years, never officially caught.

I was kept there for long, fortunately, asked of course why I decided to appeal to the authorities, I explained to me after the records and signatures of papers released. The police Department was extremely polite and fast, which surprised me. And even said thank you when I left, but the coordinates are all taken, so I was there probably not the last time was.

Went back to work, and cannot work on the soul so disgusting and SCARY I, too, children grow up and where are we going, how to live, because children from themselves turns out not for a moment can not let go, how many freaks around. When I left the police the girl’s mother Beluga roared and the girl with her. And once these monsters (it’s very very gently but rougher impossible), the earth is. I still don’t understand what alarmed me about this situation, thank God at least one detem disaster happened.

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