Together is better from January 11 to 15

    Together is better from January 11 to 15

    This week

    ♦ Monday January 11: Sounds that heal

    Stephane Espaignet, co-founder of zen and sound
    Alena Gaponova, yoga teacher

    Job vacancies
    Deborah Antoinat, Employment center

    The beautiful story
    Mikhaël Pickaxe, founder and president of the association Calms
    Fabienne Conrad, soprano

    Celia is with The Philharmonie de Paris at the Cité de la musique Paris 19th


    ♦ Tuesday January 12: The tattoo, an identity marker

    Mikael Lemaire, Tattoo artist
    Sonny Amerie, co-founder of Paristreizelab

    Jobs of the day
    Alexandra Petitsigne, consultant APEC

    The beautiful story

    Celia is at Hippomobiles, in Maison-Lafitte (95)

    ♦ Wednesday January 13: Dependence what support

    Pascal Champvert, President AD-PA
    Benjamin and Martine

    The profession of electrician
    Marc Gratton, volunteer with Electricians Without Borders

    Rubi Pigeon, founder of Rusmin, upcycling of clothes

    Celia is at Chabouillerie farm (77)

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