Tokayev in Kyzylorda region visited the children’s hospital and the agroindustrial complex

PHOTO : Official website of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev visited Kyzylorda region, reports “WORLD 24”.

Tokayev visited a multidisciplinary children’s hospital, which employs more than five hundred professionals. It has an area of 25 thousand square meters. In addition, the President familiarized with the work of the agroindustrial complex of the region. Kyzylorda specializiruetsya in the processing of Fig.

“Agriculture is a strategic industry with high development potential. We are well aware of her problems. From the state, steps will be taken for their solution”, – said Tokayev.

At the youth center, the President spoke about the plans for the development of the region. There the President met his namesake – a 19-year-old student with the name of Kasym-Zhomart. The young man took the opportunity and asked Tokayev autograph.