Tomy, scallop fisherman shirtless on France 2, panics internet users

    Tomy, scallop fisherman shirtless on France 2, panics internet users

    An extract from a report from France 2 on responsible fishing for scallops has gone viral on social networks. The cause of such enthusiasm? Tomy, shirtless fisherman on screen.

    Initially, it was an extract from a report on responsible diving for scallops. Then everything was packed on Twitter.

    A short excerpt from the subject of France 2 was posted on the social network Twitter. It did not take more for Internet users to make it one of the most discussed topics of the platform on Wednesday.

    At the center of all attention, there was no question of ecology, but of a sinner working shirtless, to the delight of some.

    “I specify that I have a wife”

    As of noon Thursday, the three-minute video had 1.8 million views on Twitter. An unusual figure to say the least.

    Tomy was even noticed by the Ministry of the Sea.

    Contacted by France 3, he explains how to live his sudden popularity. ”

    I do not regret at all having participated in this report because beyond appearing quite naturally shirtless, I believe that we have been able to demonstrate that there was a sustainable alternative to fishing and that it is above all the objective of the report

    . »

    As for the avalanche of compliments received on his physique, he declares: “If this can make women smile for this particular end of the year, why not”, Before immediately specifying: “But that they do not get carried away, I specify that I have a wife.”

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