Tonight Ukraine will switch to winter time: how many and how to translate hours

Этой ночью Украина перейдет на зимнее время: во сколько и как переводить часы

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, 27 October 2019, Ukraine is moving from summer time to winter time. The next night the Ukrainians will sleep one hour longer.

So, the clock hands at 3:00 is transferred back one hour.

As he wrote, “FACTS”, especially careful when transferring the clock should be people who are in the transition period was going on a trip and bought plane tickets, train or bus.

The clock often affects the condition. During this period, a growing number of heart attacks, depression and even suicide. How to avoid the negative consequences of the transition to winter time and to keep in shape — read in the material “FACTS”: “the Transition to winter time: how to do no harm.”

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