Took the throne, takes the common Fund. In Kiev beat and rascaroli “thief in law” Week. Exclusive details

Отняли трон, отнимут общак. За что в Киеве избили и раскороновали "вора в законе" Неделю. Эксклюзивные подробности

Andrew Nedzelska dropped from the throne photo: facebook/Vyacheslav Abroskin Saturday, October 12, in Kiev, and then beat rascaroli famous Ukrainian thief in the law Andrey Nedzelsky on the nicknames “Week” and “Lviv”. It happened at the wedding of the daughter of a crime boss Oleg Krapivin named “Oleg Baku”.

Oleg Krapivin in turn allegedly controls one of the biggest Kiev shopping and entertainment centers.

The country found out the details of what happened at the wedding “Baku” and why rascaroli holder thieves obshchak Central Ukraine “a Week”.

Problems have been accumulating for a long time

In fact, thieves of the community are long overdue a lot of unpleasant questions for the “Week.” One of the complaints was the fact that Andrew Nedzelsky according to their status and way of life does not fit the list of criteria that should have a “real” thief.

Andrew Nedzelsky in fact never “trampled” area that is not served sentence in places of deprivation of liberty, with the exception of some time spent in a French prison for a fake Hungarian passport. That is, in fact, the “Week” was in the eyes of the thieves ‘ community “orange” – so called thieves, have purchased for cash or received it for any services. However, this fact is no longer serious in the criminal world – in Ukraine there are several thieves in the act, is also not serving serious time in prison.

The main claim to the “Week” was his inordinate ambition in the desire to subjugate as many profitable areas of the shadow business and intrigue that he sought. Earlier, the “Week” seriously quarreled with the Dnieper thief “Umkoy” – Sergei Oleinik, trying to knock his contributions to the common Fund of the Dnieper. Also “the Week” claimed to be deductions from illegal mining of amber in Volhynia and delivery “EuroBLECH” from Transcarpathia.

However, the claims of the “Week” was rejected on the thieves ‘ meeting in the presence of the oldest Ukrainian thieves Lera Sumskoy and Vladimir Gribnogo named “Poltava”.

And intrigued Week again, not “concepts” of the criminal world, resorting to the help of the enemies of organized crime to the police. By the way, the status of the thief Weeks in 2017 already tried to remove – thieves ‘ meeting in Greece with the participation of the thieves Dato Gia Kutaisi and Kutaisi. A week called to the meeting, but he arrived in France he was detained by French police for a fake Hungarian passport.

Due to the absence Weeks to the meeting, the status of “thief” was suspended – in the rules of the underworld, to deprive of this status is possible only in the presence of the “defendant”.

The verdict is not appealable

Final “verdict” in respect of the Week was made only yesterday in the Kiev hotel Fairmont Grand Suite on the first floor. To lull the vigilance of Andrew Nedzelsky cordially invited to the wedding of Oleg Krapivin named “Oleg Baku”.

However, before the wedding, the thieves conducted their investigation of one of ancient history. The fact that Andrew Nedzelsky has long feuded with one of the most influential thieves, nicknamed “Nodar rustavsky”. Last year stole some police – according to sources, “Country”, the kidnappers seemed to be “the operatives of the criminal investigation”.

“In fact, they were not employees of criminal investigation Department, but was in another Department. Nodar Rustavi thrown into the basement, wherein he explained that there is a kind of operational work. But no court order they had. After a week of Nodar bought for fifty thousand euros to his people,” – said the source “Country.”

When negotiating the release of Nodar Rustavi, one of the men allegedly identified one of the negotiators on the part of the kidnappers officer of the Department of internal security of police. This has prompted thieves to quite a logical chain – the fact that when Andrew “Weeks” with major orders from the police was well known to the community of thieves. He actually did not hide.

Then was born the first suspicions that the “Week” trying to deal with his foe “by Nodar Rustavsky” hands “cops” that is “taboo” in the criminal community.

For conversation, the thieves went into the hotel room. Have Nedzelsky present criminal authorities in the presence of a long-standing opponent of the “Week” – the thief of Sergei Oleinik named Umka, David Osmanova nicknamed “Dato Krasnodar” and Nodar Asoyan named “Nodar rustavsky”, asked about his attitude to the authority of Yuri Arenaco named “Moldovans”. What a Week, not feeling the trick, replied that it was his friend and he can be trusted.

After that Week had a confrontation with Yuri Ainacom – Moldovans, asking to tell about a meeting which allegedly was attended by Yuri Arenac, Andrew Nedzelsky and a member of the Department of homeland security, police Colonel Vitaly S.

“Yuri Arenac called the date of the meeting, the meeting place restaurant, and the attendees, and also spoke about what “Week” informed the Colonel that “the thief” “Nodar rustavsky” wants to kill him, and asked Vitaly S. to neutralize “Nodar”, – said the source “Country” in criminal circles.

After these words, Yuri Erinja, “thief in law” Umka other thieves began to beat the thief Andrew Nedzelsky. “Week” broke his nose and jaw and was thrown out of the restaurant. According to the rules of the underworld, beating kingpin of equal rank people is considered derogatory and is automatically a “restoranniy”. After that “Week” was forced to go to doctors and just yesterday was released from the hospital.

The next step, according to sources, the “Country” in criminal circles, can be the removal of the “Week” thieves ‘ obshchak “spin” of his property and control over the business.

By the way, according to the “Country”, Andrei Nedzelsky actively intrigued in taking part in the recent revolution in the personnel of the interior Ministry, trying to shift the leadership of the police. And invested for this purpose more than two million dollars in bribes to his “lobby” at the interior Ministry.

It is also worth noting that the change of power in the criminal world in a characteristic way coincided with the change of political power in the country. The week was close to a number of people who were surrounded by Poroshenko.

While long-time opponent of the Week Umka (Olejnik) is considered close to the circle of his influential countryman Igor Kolomoisky. Not so long ago Olejnik and Kolomoisky were even captured together in one photo after a basketball game.

Отняли трон, отнимут общак. За что в Киеве избили и раскороновали "вора в законе" Неделю. Эксклюзивные подробности

Moment of the match, from right to left: Sergey Oleynik (he already Umka), Alexander Petrovsky (aka Junkie), Valery Kondratiev (aka Gastello) and Igor Kolomoisky, photo: Country, Alexander Sibirtsev

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