Tooth on Bogdan. Who and what started the rumors of a bloody fight on Bankova

Зуб на Богдана. Кто и зачем запустил слухи о кровавой драке на Банковой

Yesterday the Network announced the fight in the Office of the President: allegedly, the head of SBU Ivan Bakanov beat Andrei Bogdan.

There was a fight or not is not entirely clear. However, the leak showed a serious personnel group in the SBU, which came to the surface.

“Country” was apprised of the situation.

Went information

Saturday blogger Stanislav Rechinsky, formerly head of the press service of the SBU, announced the sensational information: the chief of the SBU Bakanov had a fight with the head of the Office of the President. And even allegedly knocked his tooth out.

The reason for reportlatest was the position of the head of the Main investigation Department. Now it is headed by a appointed back in the summer Bogdan Tivodar, who is known for having led a scandalous “affair Babchenko”.

“Ze team went into the dressing. On Wednesday the Bank has fought Bakanov and Bogdan. Bogdan since the work does not go. The cause of the conflict – the appointment of the head of IC SBU. Bogdan wanted Neskromnoe. Bakanov – wolf (who had recently returned to SBU – Ed.). Bogdan knocked out a tooth. In addition, green was signed by padanna Bakanova on the dismissal of two Deputy chairmen. Bukhareva and Neskromnoe. Duplica not signed. Bakanov is Kolomoisky. And he now effectively manages the SBU. And this is bad,” wrote Rechinsky.

Зуб на Богдана. Кто и зачем запустил слухи о кровавой драке на Банковой

That the rumors are true, said the chief editor of “Left coast” Sonya Koshkina in Telegram.

“All the facts confirm – checked. And Bohdan too. Evaluation I have a few other, but now is important that any factual material,” she wrote.

Зуб на Богдана. Кто и зачем запустил слухи о кровавой драке на Банковой

“I’ll drink all the blood”. That said Bogdan

Andrey Bogdan satirically responded to the news. He neither denied nor confirmed. But posted with her smiling photo.

On the face of Bogdan’s something reminiscent of light makeup drawn a black teardrop under one eye to finish the eyebrow and the two rectangles above and below the eye, reminiscent of the makeup of the Joker from the last film. Apparently, photos from Halloween. Bruising on the face of the head of the OP is not noticeable, although the photo is, of course, could handle.

“Bakanov don’t get in my way!!!! Next time I’ll drink all the blood)))) Going to the cats tails twist!!!”, – wrote the head of the Office of the President.

Зуб на Богдана. Кто и зачем запустил слухи о кровавой драке на Банковой

According to the “Country,” Bogdan a few days ago left Ukraine and fled to one of the EU countries.

Later, the girl Andrei Bogdan Anastasia Slichnaya published in the Facebook photo with the head of the OP and no signs of beatings on his face. “The teeth in place. Checked,” she commented the picture.

Зуб на Богдана. Кто и зачем запустил слухи о кровавой драке на Банковой

Response of the office of the President

Today in the Office of the head of state commented on the rumors.

“We refute the information, though special refutation it needs, because it is invented from beginning to end.

Once again the public was fake, not based on any source that would deserve at least some trust. Sorry that it conducted a serious newspaper, trusted by the people”, – wrote in Facebook Deputy head of OP Kirill Timoshenko.

Зуб на Богдана. Кто и зачем запустил слухи о кровавой драке на Банковой

Judging by the photos of the Bogdan – he’s really sound.

However, there was a fight or not – in this context not so important. The leak showed that the differences between the “Kolomoisky” and “kurchalovsky” in the President’s circle become stronger.

The only question – for what purpose, this information appeared just now.

Who leaked the information?

I can definitely say only one thing – the rumors about the fight is likely out of the walls of the SBU.

First, this structure is close to journalist Stanislav Rechinsky, who published information about the fight. In 2005, after the arrival of SBU of Oleksandr Turchynov, he headed the press service of the “office” (previously Rechinsky worked as an assistant Turchinov, when he was an MP).

Rechinsky also been linked to sites that published all sorts of insights from law enforcement agencies (“Ukraine criminal”, “White arrow”).

Therefore, likely sources of a journalist are in the SBU.

The second factor is the winner in the fight. It appeared to be Ivan Bakanov, who even allegedly caused the opponent’s minor injuries. That is, in this story, the head of the SBU looks just great.

While looking at the intelligent face Bakanova in the least believe that he is able to knock out the teeth. Yes, and Bogdan does not look lanky.

Can we assume that if the clash were, it is highly mythologized in favor of Bakanova. Which again gives reason to suspect a leak that is his Department.

What happens between Bogdan and Baranovym?

The journalist Yury Butusov close to the team Zelensky, argues that there was no fight, but the conflict between Bogdan and Baranovym for control frames have emerged.

“This week held a meeting in the OP on the question of the effectiveness of the SBU with participation of the President himself – but there was no fight. The meeting on the question of the effectiveness of the Main investigation Department of the SBU, during which there was a sharp evaluation, but the voice is not increased, the General solution had not been received.
Relationships of Ivan Bakanova with the head of the Office of the President, Andrei Bogdan can really be described as very problematic. Bogdan crushes the head of the SBU does not allow any criticism and any action on the part of the head of the OP, which he regards as interference in its Affairs and its powers.

After the meeting in the OP, according to sources, the Chairman of SBU Ivan Bakanov wrote to Russian President Vladimir Zelensky idea of dismissal of Vladislav bukhareva from the post of first Deputy Chairman of SBU – the head of “K”. At various levels behind the scenes and are now discussed replacement of other chairmen of the SBU – Publica, Karpenko, Baronetage, but the real personnel decisions to date there.

The situation is quite scandalous. President Zelensky fired bahareva with higher rank of head of foreign intelligence Service and was appointed to the division “To” September 12, that is, less than two months ago. During this time, reshuffle Buhari not implemented, all deputies and chiefs of divisions in the “To” appointed by the President of the Bakanov, Buhari worked with those who have. During this time almost every day “To” conducted detention, provided the actions DBR”.

Зуб на Богдана. Кто и зачем запустил слухи о кровавой драке на Банковой

Reaction of social networks on news about the fight

Many saw in the story of the tooth another hoax from “servants of the people” sort of theme with the lie detector.

Journalist Alexander Harabin called Bogdan to make x-rays of the teeth.

“No, no, no. The stadium as a stadium. Tests as tests. The polygraph because the polygraph. Only orthopantomography or panoramic image of teeth x – ray image of the upper and lower jaws, including the upper-jaw joints, nasal sinuses, etc. – all that is the object of attention of the Ukrainian journalists, will take questions from feline, canine and other cloven-hoofed animals…”.

Зуб на Богдана. Кто и зачем запустил слухи о кровавой драке на Банковой

About the same writes Deputy editor-in-chief “of the Country,” Svetlana Kryukova: “Tries the polygraph. The required x-ray!”.

Зуб на Богдана. Кто и зачем запустил слухи о кровавой драке на Банковой

“Due to the unexpectedly rapid decay of interest in the TV series “the people’s Poligraf Poligrafych” has launched a new spinoff “the Tooth of a servant”. Do not switch” – ironically, the people’s Deputy Yaroslav Yurchyshyn.

Зуб на Богдана. Кто и зачем запустил слухи о кровавой драке на Банковой


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