TOP 10 facts about the female orgasm

They say that Austrian Queen Maria Theresa (XVIII century) suffered from infertility.

ТОП-10 фактів про жіночий оргазм

Turning to the court physician Wang Svitene, she received this recommendation: “Your Majesty the Clitoris must be aroused before intercourse”. Learning to reach orgasm, the Queen gave birth to 16 children. But the Empress Catherine II the Great all remember his tireless sexual appetite.

Thinking about having sex with a woman, a strong half of humanity is often desirous for a female ready for intercourse anytime and anywhere, starts with a twist. This stereotype lately is imposed to us from the TV screens and to be honest, by the girls adds a lot of complexes. We offer you to get acquainted with the main peculiarities of the female orgasm.

Physiologically the female orgasm is a spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the vestibule of the vagina at the climax of sexual intercourse. They may be accompanied by strong waves of pleasure radiating throughout the body.

You have already set the right mood? Then we can begin.

1. Human female not so long ago learned how to achieve orgasm. From the point of view of biology, the female orgasm is vestigial, inherited from nature, such as male nipple or clitoris (necopinus). That is, in order to get pregnant and give birth to healthy offspring, the females of mammals (to which the person belongs) is not orgasmic. Why did the woman learn to feel? Perhaps due to the development of spirituality and consciousness of humanity. Maybe that orgasmic feeling pointed to the woman on the correctness of the choice of a father for his children.

2. Not all women can experience orgasm. According to statistics, 30-40% of women either do not experience orgasm or experience it is very rare. Even women with normal ability to perceive sexual pleasure experience it is not for each act of intercourse. Sexologists believe that if a 20-23 years old girl does not experience orgasm – is the norm, after 25 years with regular sex, lack of sexual discharge can be considered a violation.

3. The female orgasm more vivid and violent. And in General, the female orgasm is more complicated and physiologically and psychologically. In psychological terms, the quality of orgasmic experience is very dependent on mood. If the partner is worried about something, it may not reach the peak of pleasure. Physically all very confusing and interesting. At least for the fact that a woman could theoretically have several different duration, strength, depth and severity of the types of orgasm: clitoris, vaginal, uterine the orgasm g-spot.

4. A woman has an orgasm rarely occurs at the beginning of sexual life. For this it is necessary to first examine their body to acquire some sexual experience. So often the girl without much experience of the sexual life it can be difficult to orgasm.

ТОП-10 фактів про жіночий оргазм

5. A real pleasure a woman can obtain only if there is strong love to the partner. Man, this is easier in theory, he can get pleasure from everything that moves, regardless of their feelings. But if a woman loved someone, the pleasure too great.

6. A woman can fake an orgasm. So that men believe. At the same time, it is difficult to imagine a situation in which men have succeeded. No matter how condemned by society, the simulation of orgasm, in fact this ability has some use for mankind: on the one hand, this woman increases men’s self-esteem, on the other – rehearsing the experience. It’s like trying to amuse yourself, first squeeze out laughter.

7. Sexual energy flows from man to woman and not Vice versa. That is why women are in bed tougher and can participate in a greater number of sexual acts per night. Only lovers who have excelled in the technique of tantric sex, is able to exchange energy without losing and filling her with each other.

8. The ability to experience the orgasm depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle. Usually in the middle of the cycle of excitation is stronger. This is due to the instinctive need to beget offspring. In some phase of the cycle a woman may not want sex.

9. Women, like men, can experience orgasm during sleep. From the point of view of sexology, this is a normal physiological phenomenon corresponding neither with erotic dreams, nor with the rhythm of sexual life in the period of wakefulness, nor, however, does a woman masturbate or not.

10. A woman can experience multiple orgasms within short periods of time. In sexology this phenomenon is called multiple orgasms and is due to the fact that some time after orgasm persists sexual arousal (plateau). At this point, the possible re-discharge. Some sexologists believe that it is not multiple orgasms, but one long. It can last from a few minutes to a half hour. Of the men is able to only a few, while such women according to statistics, 17%.

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