Top 10 products cheats, prevent to lose weight

Топ-10 продуктов-обманщиков, мешающих похудеть

A healthy lifestyle is not only healthy habit, but also the fashion of the past decades and the massive advertising associated with it. As a result, worrying about their health, consumers can buy the diet products, which not only help to lose weight and to normalize metabolism, but harmful to health. Marking their products as “diet”, the manufacturers expand their consumer audience at the expense of HLS employees, especially sales increase if the product is accidentally or intentionally hits the trend.

This happened with muesli, yoghurt, Japanese sushi, diet soda – they are strongly associated with diet and healthy eating. However, to understand, it turns out that the ready-made muesli excess hidden sugar, cereals contain about 500 kcal, for a healthy Breakfast a lot. Yoghurt – even low fat also contains a lot of sugar, so manufacturers compensate for the lack of fat in the product, and hence a change of taste. Rolls – only with a mean look harmless rolls with rice and fish which will not harm the body. But diet this product can be called a stretch. Japanese food we used to eat a large amount of soy sauce (high salt content), and the habit of nourishing food can “add” rolls fat cheese mayonnaise or substitute raw fish smoked or salted.

If the goal of the transition to a healthy lifestyle – weight management, to prevent to lose weight can not only the finished factory products, and some fruits. They are rich in fructose and glucose. It would be useful to eat low-calorie fruits: apples, grapefruits, plums, currants, peaches.

Топ-10 продуктов-обманщиков, мешающих похудеть

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