Top 4 of the toughest men the signs of the Zodiac in the Horoscope!

Топ-4 самых тяжелых мужских знаков Зодиака в Гороскопе!

There are no perfect men and no signs of Zodiac, which would give its owner only positive characteristics. And yet astrologers have noticed that some of the representatives of the Zodiacal circle traced a definite pattern, allowing to call the hardest signs of the Zodiac for men.

With them to build prosperous romantic love and family relationships extremely difficult.

Fourth place

The last place in the ranking of the most severe signs of the Zodiac are male-Virgo. Virgos are a lot of qualities-extremes. Their extraordinary mental abilities border on tediousness and self-criticism – with an inferiority complex, loyalty – pathological jealousy, tolerance – extreme degree of sensitiveness. With such a partner it would be impossible to live with, if not for his pragmatism and ability to smooth out the sharp angles in acute critical situations. But again, the pragmatism of the Virgo is always closely related to brain-numbing pedantry.

The most complicated relationship in the marriage survive couples in which the two maidens. Being masters of analytical studies, they are able lime each other irrefutable arguments that whatsoever, claims and accusations. Importantly, both Virgo will be right, but first take time out and give the woman, because the man-Virgo big and stubborn moralist.

Besides, he’s too susceptible to all doubt as to the partners and compatibility with them, making the sign of the leader among inveterate bachelors. Moreover, internal contradictions, self-restraint and seclusion lead to the fact that male virgin takes first place in the ranks of the impotent.

To endure the complicated nature of male Virgins will be only women, with the Zodiac sign Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus. But with Archers and Rams, their marriage is doomed to continuous testing and family battles.

Third place

The third most unbearable character in the rating are men-Capricorns. First of all, because to build relationships with misogynists extremely difficult. And it is this reputation stuck for a lot of men of Capricorn. Of course, they have families, but within them the role of a jailer or a tyrant. Wife Capricorns choose those women that will have the greatest benefit (including financial), and the fewest problems.

They are not ready to give in, to compromise and to sacrifice their comfort. Capricorn is greedy for compliments and praise, but if you criticize, then they are the first. Themselves to criticism not tolerate chronically and running with my ego as the most precious, giving self-esteem for a strong inner core, self-respect and nobility.

Have Capricorn men and other side – they are very sensitive. However, it is not where it’s needed. They can get a rise out of tears after watching “Titanic”, but did not blink an eye when the wife will swallow the tears and resentment from his cruelty in a quiet area. At times Capricorns suffer themselves from their callousness and megalomania, but only if the code understand that reaping the fruits of his unbearable nature. However, even this is rarely teaches us anything.

Tolerable relationship male Capricorn will be able to create with a Scorpion, and once you get used to it can try a Virgo or a Taurus. Anything good it will not work in Alliance with Cancer or Gemini.

Second place

“Silver” in the list of the most challenging Zodiac signs to get mento Aquarius. In marriage they rarely come with the greatest eagerness, and then, as they say, live and suffer… and tortured near his wife. In the family they don’t just take the position of head and leader, and bring relations to tyranny. The reason for this special is not required. If that suddenly not – will come up. Aquarians are the great visionaries and inventors, they love to peep, to spy, to organize a detective investigation and make a determination, which is often not comparable with reality.

Not surprisingly, among the Aquarians the highest percentage of divorces. Aquarius, first harass your partner to a nervous breakdown, and then go for divorce, claiming that his family ties were enslaved, so it no longer has to endure the abuse of his sensual nature and fine mental organization. Of course, Aquarius is much more comfortable to live in your dream world, cut off from the mundane, but when they realize that there is need to arrange life, ready to sacrifice their despotic principles. But enough of them for a while.

To get a male Aquarius from the world of illusions and entertain their feelings safely for yourself can Gemini, Sagittarians, Leos, Libra or Pisces. Not be Aquarius, to find a common language with Taurus and Scorpions.

The first place

The palm is honored to make a man-Crabsand Scorpions are not, as mistakenly believed by many. Of course, the man-Scorpion is not a gift, but heavier from the water signs is considered to be Cancer. At first glance it seems that the Crabs – the family, the good and faithful partners. Maybe so, if under this sign are born a woman. But a cancer man, obeying the stars, absolutely do not want to bear the burden of responsibility for family and to be the “wall” behind which the wife “FOR husband”.

Cancers do not know how to overcome difficulties, so since childhood have learned to shift responsibility to others. It is among the Cancers most Gigolos, and henpecked sissy. They need a perpetual nurse-nurse and are afraid to leave their comfort zone, which was acquired as a shell.

To the highest position in the ranking of the most severe signs of the Zodiac among men, Cancers brought back and a tendency to groundless jealousy and unhealthy possessiveness. Of course, the male Crayfish will not be accused of despotism, as Aquarius or Capricorn, but it is not known that women are better able to live, like in the army, or to be the eternal horse, and a bull, and a woman and a man. If a man with Cancer connect their lives with a strong spirit and character of a woman, turns not only in mattress but it starts on this ground to sleep. His passivity is compounded, and family life to crumble.

Male Cancer with the right approach to it can get along with many of the signs of the Zodiac, but Cancer difficult can hold only Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces and Libra.

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