Top 5 modern war movies

Топ-5 современных военных фильмов

Farther away from us the terrible years of the great Patriotic war, but the memory of those terrible events immortal. As an immortal feat of the Soviet defenders – extant and those who died for their country. Thousands of stories and lives affected by the war, formed the basis of literary works, and movie. Films about world so far removed, reports “WORLD 24”. And who would say that no, modern technology and special effects – provided strong acting – do these paintings are powerful and touching at the same time. What they are – war movies of our time?

On the fifth place in our rating of the most touching films about the war – “We from the future”. In the story, four of the “black archeologists” conduct their excavations in places where in 40-e years were fighting. Found medals, orders and weapons Borman, Skull, Chukha and Alcohol then profitably sell. They are only interested in easy money. About how to honor the memory of heroes who defended the homeland guys don’t even think. Until then, until they mysteriously will not appear on the battlefield. Once in the midst of heavy fighting 42-year friends really understand what war is, and how terrible was their grandfathers. At the time, the guys will come back completely different people. Though fantastic, but a very sincere story so the audience liked that there was a sequel.

On the fourth line – a film by Nikolai Lebedev’s “the Star”. The movie, filmed on the novel by Emmanuel Kazakevich, talks about the valor of the young scouts of the red Army, which in the summer of the 44th year was sent to the rear of the Germans. The guys need to get hold of secret data on the movement of enemy forces. From this job much depends. The heroes, under the leadership of Lieutenant Travkina in the performance of Igor Petrenko, works on it. The cost of his life. The film, full of drama and pride for the Soviet defenders, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Brest. Sunny day, the orchestra, the happy atmosphere everywhere. Residents do not know that trouble was coming. And she comes on the morning of 22 June 1941. A film by Alexander Kotta “the Brest fortress” – in third place. With documentary precision describes the events that took place in the first days of the defense. The tape shows three main pockets of resistance, headed by regiment commander Pyotr Gavrilov, Commissioner Yefim Fomin and the head of the ninth frontier Andrei Kizhevatov. The heroes knew that helping them not to wait, but were killed to the last bullet. “Die hard” – these words were written on the wall of the fortress.

“Stalingrad” by Fyodor Bondarchuk took second place in the ranking. The event takes place in the 42nd year. A group of scouts led by captain Gromov occupied the house, located at the crossing of the Volga. Their task is not to let the Nazis at any cost. The Germans your order – they are going to storm an abandoned house. Soviet soldiers understand – the forces are unequal, but honorably kept to the end, because they have to defend 19-year-old girl Katya, miraculously survived the last resident of the house.

And finally, in first place in our ranking of the Patriotic story of Alexei Sidorov – “T-34”. The great Patriotic war, the 41st year. Lieutenant Ivushkin enters into an unequal battle with a dozen enemy tanks and emerge victorious. Exactly three years Russian tanker faces a German Yager, but in captivity. On the instructions of the enemy Ivushkin “will get” the legendary T-34 and run away together with his team.

Very entertaining and intense “T-34” proved that modern war films, too, can cause pride. View these tapes if you have not seen.