Top 5 most dangerous and poisonous animals on our planet

Fortunately, these deadly animals is quite not easy to meet.

Топ 5 найбільш небезпечних і отруйних тварин нашої планети

Nature consists of many plants, insects and animals. There are a variety of bacteria, parasites, fungi and worms. But despite all the variety, they can be divided into two groups: simple and dangerous. Below we will focus on animals. but about deadly animals for human life, informs Rus.Media.

Not to be in an unpleasant situation, you need to have information. To have the slightest idea about what kind of animals you can pet and hold in their hands, and from whom, is to run at the speed of sound, when a chance encounter in nature.


Cute frog-dendrobates opens this top is the most dangerous inhabitants of the planet in fifth place. This cute girl lives in the jungles of South Africa and in America. She has a very beautiful bright color, which is hard to look away. Through the legs and Prisca and the slime, this creature can move on completely different surfaces. But most of all they prefer to spend time in the trees.

A feature of this frog is that she can’t croak. She makes sounds like a buzz. Poisonous and feeds on small insects, which poison then accumulates in the body. And then all these toxins out of the body through the skin.

Toad is not at all aggressive and do not attack others. The danger to people is its skin. From touching the skin with bare hands, you can get paralysis of any muscle group. In particular, can paralyze the heart muscle, followed by death.

Топ 5 найбільш небезпечних і отруйних тварин нашої планети

Australian Taipan

Resident of Australia falls into this list at the fourth position. It is called the Australian Taipan. Its distinctive features – it’s impressive size, speed and nervousness. Despite the fact that this snake is the largest on the mainland, it also has a very aggressive nature. When the size of the trunk three meters, the length of the teeth reaches a centimeter. And one portion of the poison is enough to send to the light of hundreds of people at the same time.

The snake eats mostly rodents and other small animals. The man himself does not attack, unless disturbed. But, if a bite has occurred, then the chances of survival are almost none. As in ninety cases out of a hundred comes a painful death. Those who were saved, received the injection with the vaccine within the first three minutes after the bite.

Топ 5 найбільш небезпечних і отруйних тварин нашої планети

Poisonous octopus

On a happy medium in the list gets poisonous octopus which happiness grows to very large sizes. The maximum they reach twenty-five centimeters in length. But, despite its size, this creature has a very strong poison. It was opened by scientists quite recently, less than a hundred years ago. During the research of this kind, their danger was not subject to disclosure. And only after an accident has occurred with the world-famous diver from Australia, scientists released this information.

In the water at rest, the octopus is absolutely harmless and not aggressive. But when they touch hands, and even more pulled from the water, they are impressive. The poison contained in one creature of this type, enough to kill a minimum of ten adults.

Топ 5 найбільш небезпечних і отруйних тварин нашої планети

Cone snail or cone-shaped mollusk

Cone snail or cone-shaped clam that doesn’t look like a dangerous creature. So, curious tourists often grab in the hands of this unusual form of mollusk, not knowing what consequences await them later. Because one shot of this dweller of the depths, can cause absolute paralysis. It does not bite and pin prick-a tooth that is located on top of a cone shellfish.

Using this with his gun killing the snails very quickly prey on marine fishes. In the night they emerge from their shelters among the corals. And then slowly sneak up on their victims and inject them with a lethal dose of poison. Scientists have found that these creatures have a very good sense of smell. And the toxin contained in them, is able to assist in the treatment of some serious diseases.

Топ 5 найбільш небезпечних і отруйних тварин нашої планети

Sea wasp

The leader of the top becomes the sea wasp, which is considered the most dangerous sea creature. She lives in Sunny Australia, in the coastal area. But, too close to the shore not swim. From the meeting with this creature, annually kills more people than from shark attacks. When meeting with a person, having no other choice, these wasps sting her abuser several times in a row. And absolutely do not regret the poison that is administered to the victim.

Appears the poison’s effect step by step. At first the bitten place swells, and then the tumor spreading throughout his body, then gradually the breathing stops and refuses to work the heart. All anything, could not touch the jellyfish with your hands, if not their transparency. Visible only to their bodies, which at first glance resembles an eye. That is exactly, scientists have not yet figured out.

Топ 5 найбільш небезпечних і отруйних тварин нашої планети