Top 5 popular stereotypes about women

Today we will try to debunk the most common ones.

Топ-5 найпопулярніших стереотипів про жінок

The world is ruled by stereotypes, including those about women. Men may think they know about women, everything, but most of their judgments are based on myths, which have little truth.

5 irrational stereotypes about women

They want to get married

Not for all women to have that relationship with a man is one of the main goals in life. Many modern women value their freedom and independence and are not rushing down the aisle, informs Rus.Media.

They have no sense of humor

Some men think wit if not the main advantage, and I think it’s funny to joke, in principle, only the strong floor. But of course, this is just a silly misconception

They are an awful drive

Perhaps men are better oriented on the ground and take spontaneous decisions, but most of the girls driving the car is much neater and less guys breaking the rules.

They are going for a long time

Preparing for an important event can really take in women more than one hour, because the way we look affects our confidence and experience we are going to make on others. Besides, let’s be very honest, men don’t have to do all that almost every day the girls do: shave your legs, style your hair, apply makeup and more.

They dream about the children

In our days more and more women strive to build a successful career, fulfill your potential and gain financial stability. Only after that they have a desire to have children. And it also happens that the maternal instinct does not Wake up in them at all.