Torill’kove, the montreal filmmaker to the card-perfect

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty
The montreal filmmaker original Norwegian Torill’kove

Three films to his credit, three in-person attendance at Oscar : Torill’kove is, without doubt, the canadian filmmaker who displays the best rate of success — if the ceremony is the main guarantee of the success.


The Montreal of Norwegian origin is yet unknown : it is that it operates in the short animation film. Short and lively, the two genres are among the least visible.


This week is the festivals of the margin, Full(s) Screen(s), event, Web shorts, and The Tops of the cinema of animation, presented at the Cinémathèque québécoise. It is the second that has stuck Torill’kove.


The one who never returned from Los Angeles only once with the precious statuette in 2006 for The Danish poet — this Peaks his fourth title, Ribbon — Threads in English. The story deals with reports of mother and daughter, played by a red ribbon that ends up breaking, in harmony.


“I had a scholarship and I am committed to talking about adoption,” says the director and screenwriter, who quickly wanted to get away from the portrait of orphans. “I haven’t made a film about adoption, but on the affection, on the phases of a relationship of a mother with her daughter. “


After a trilogy set in Scandinavia, which began with My grandmother ironed the shirts of king (1999), Torill’kove wanted to steer his film into new paths. Without geographical reference, Ribbons, characterized chiefly by the absence of dialogues.


“The nature of a love like this… This is something that has no words, no language,” says the one who is the adoptive mother.


If the story examines the relationship of family, drawing, him, is simplified. Except for plans in the flight of a bird, the backgrounds are reduced to a minimum. The crowd scenes have become rare. Suddenly, the music, signed by the assistant director, Kevin Dean, has taken the importance.


Jazzy, orchestrated or piano alone, the musical score accompanies sequences less narrative, as a wink to a genre well defended in Quebec by Pierre Hébert, Theodore Ushev.


“I have always appealed to the voice to tell the story of my images. Without voice, the structure is more free. I played with the images, first without any color, only with the two characters. It was almost abstract, ” says’kove in speaking of his creative process.


The 16es Peaks of the animation are spread out over five days and offer more than a hundred films, divided into different sections, several of which are competitive, such as that dedicated to ” the films are very short (two minutes maximum).


Co-produced by the NFB and the conseil des arts Norwegian, Ribbons is part of the international Competition 3, projected twice on Saturday. Torill’kove is involved with pleasure, knowing that this is the best time to meet the public. She will use the occasion to launch the book from his first opus, published for now only in English.


And the perfect slip at the Oscar ? She did not think, she says.


For the time, Ribbons is part of a list, with 63 other short of animation, including several other canadians, as I Like Girls by Diane Obomsawin. At the end of November, the Academy will reduce the nominees to ten films. To note that many of these potential oscarisés are part of the Vertices.

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