Toro feels safe

Toro se sent en sécurité

The spread of the COVID-19 the United States does not prevent teams in major league baseball prepare for their season shortened to 60 games. The home of the Houston Astros, is evolving in the Quebec Abraham Toro, all measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the players.

Little affected by the COVID-19 at the outset, Texas was entitled to a return of the pendulum in the last month. As of Friday, there are now more than 240 000 new cases and 3000 deaths.

Despite these alarming figures, Toro remains calm.

“The majority of the players feel safe, and I also pointed out Abraham Toro during a videoconference organized by the Astros on Friday. It does not linger in the stadium after training.

“We are going immediately to the house. It does not take any risk to go to the mall or to the restaurant.

“The team did a very good job, so that it is isolated from the rest of the population. I have good hope that we can stay healthy during the season. “

The break in Montreal

After the suspension of activities by the major league baseball, Toro remained in West Palm Beach for a few weeks. He took the opportunity to train at the training complex of the Astros until 12 march, the date of official closure due to the pandemic of the COVID-19.

Then, after several weeks of waiting, he decided to return to Quebec at the end of the month of April. He was able to return to Canada without any problem because of his passport.

“After my quarantine of 14 days, I have been able to continue to train me adequately in the meantime the revival of the season, stressed Toro. I trained at the Centre Claude-Robillard, a place where I was playing baseball when I was a child.

“I worked a little on my enthusiasm. All that I had to find on my return to Houston, it was my timing. “

To start at zero

During the suspension of the training camps and League matches grapefruits, Toro knew of the difficult moments in the stick. He hit for an average of ,125 (3 hits in 24 at bats) while getting a point product.

He was in a precarious position as he battled for a position as a reservist to the infield for the Astros. With the break, Toro has the chance to start again on new bases.

“It is simply a question of being more aggressive when I present myself to the plate, said Toro. During the training camp, I was a bit between two chairs in this situation. I wasn’t aggressive at the right time.

“I was not totally engaged in my approach to batting. I am currently working to be aggressive on every good pitch that is sent to me. “

Defensively, he is ready to play at any position for game time. If there are injuries, he might have the confidence of manager Dusty Baker.

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