Toronto will have its women’s hockey team

The National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) Wednesday confirmed the granting of an expansion club to the city of Toronto in anticipation of its upcoming season, the sixth of its history.

The new organization will join as well to those of Boston, Buffalo, St. Paul, of Danbury (Connecticut) and Monmouth Junction (New Jersey). Has not yet unveiled his name, the club will have at its head a group of owners led by Johanna Neilson Boynton, who was captain of the women of Harvard University. The five women also already signed a contract for the upcoming campaign.

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We are happy to announce that @toronto.nwhl has signed their first 5 players for the upcoming season 🇨🇦

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“We aspire to build a team that bataillera to the cup and Isobel each year,” said Boynton in a press release. This will be an organization with a solid base of supporters, community support and corporate as well as a development of players and coaches exceptional. It is dedicated to promote hockey as a sport accessible to all.”

“Toronto is undoubtedly the sporting capital of Canada, for its part, mentioned mayor John Tory. The addition of a concession in the NWHL is the welcome to our city, and I know that many Torontonians will appreciate this, as they like our other professional clubs. Our city has a rich history in regards to women’s hockey, and we are excited to begin this new chapter with the NWHL.”

League viable?

The biggest market in the country had a team, the Furies, in the now-defunct canadian League of hockey, which has terminated its activities in may 2019 because of financial difficulties. After the dissolution of the former circuit, an association of players professional has been created to promote women’s hockey and to promote the establishment of a league viable.

Most of the members of this group, including Quebec’s Marie-Philip Poulin, have refused to join the ranks of the NWHL, calling for a circuit that will provide group insurance, with higher wages and a better support for the training. A collaboration with the national hockey League (NHL) was also desired to ensure the sustainability of the league.

However, the five women hired in Toronto were also part of this association, a sign that the NWHL has possibly managed to convince more skaters.

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