Touching troubadour

Touching troubadour

For an hour that passed too quickly, Friday evening, at the Imperial Bell, Louis-Jean Cormier made us forget the imminent threat of tightening of health rules with melodies we know by heart, humor and moments of cruelly circumstantial emotion.

It was the second evening of FEQXP, the hybrid musical event (face-to-face and online) of the Festival d'été de Québec, and let's be clear: with Cormier in charge, we all knew, the 140 people scattered at a distance. social in the room, that it would be beautiful, that it would be good.

We were obviously not wrong.

It was done smoothly. The self-proclaimed troubadour of the day arrived on stage almost on tiptoe, as if he did not want to alert the damn virus.

“Are you real human beings? He asked.

Laughs .

“Did you miss being in a performance hall?” ”

This time, the yes shouted by the crowd was unequivocal.

From piano to guitar

Let's go then. For the occasion, Louis-Jean Cormier was alone, accompanying himself on the guitar and creating his own percussions with his feet using a homemade wooden platform.

On the menu, several titles from his latest album, When the Night Falls, which he didn't have the chance to present on tour because of you know what. So we ended up with the new songs composed on the piano, but served on the guitar. Without losing in the exchange.

An example: Believe in nothing and You too, offered in succession, it stirred something within. How to stay cold when Louis-Jean sings “come and hold you in my arms”, as if it were a response to those who have suffered from confinement?


The troubadour also revisited the most popular songs from his previous albums. Bull's Eye and Everyone at the same time brought up a scent of nostalgia as If You Come Back looked great in a version that we felt was inspired by southern blues rock.

In response to the challenge to FEQXP artists to take over a piece by an artist who should have played at the FEQ, friend Louis-Jean decided to borrow Le petit roi from Jean-Pierre Ferland, which he admirably rendered and … hissed.

In addition, we all learned, to the sound of a brand new song that will be on his next album, that he was coming back to the studio on Monday, with his friend François Lafontaine, to record the said next album.

Something to console yourself before falling into the orange zone.

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