Toulouse: A small job on the day to put the foot in the stirrup of homeless youth

The brigade Action Mediation and Integration (AMI) of the city of Toulouse has been involved with the marginalized. — B. Colin / 20 Minutes

  • The experimental project Tapaj (alternative Work paid by the day) already exists in Bordeaux or Dijon.
  • The young wandering will be able to participate in missions for 4 h, in particular of the work of cleaning of buildings which does not require qualification.
  • These employees one day will have a contract, a salary and will be paid at the end of the day.

As with any job, they will have a salary slip. But unlike the others, they will not have to provide the employer with proof of address, a brake for all those young people who do not.

And it is one of the strengths of the device Tapaj, for alternative Work paid by the day, which has existed for several years in Bordeaux or Dijon. Intended for young people from 18 to 25 years who are homeless, it will be experienced from the month of November in Toulouse.

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During the city council Thursday, the City signed a partnership with the regional association Clemence-Isaure, specializing in addiction prevention and the fight against exclusion, which will be responsible for its implementation.

“The short assignments will be assigned to them by example to renovate or clean buildings of the town hall. They will have contracts by the day, it helps that they have a link with the professional world, they earn a little life “, emphasises Daniel Rougé, the assistant to the mayor in the coordination of policies of solidarity. Jobs that do not require any qualification and shall be paid 10 € net per hour paid at the end of the day.

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What are the street educators of Clemence-Isaure, and the members of the municipal team FRIEND (Action-Mediated Insertion) which are in contact on a daily basis with these young people, who will be in charge of “recruiting” volunteers. The projects will last four hours and will be conducted by teams of 7 young people supervised by a member of the association.

These are not the first projects conducted in the framework of the Tapaj. In may, young people supervised by the association Clemence-Isaure had already participated in the cleaning of car parks in Indigo from the city centre.

episode 2 : building with 21 young people in car parks in the city center of Toulouse @TapajSpectre @TAPAJFrance @FedeAddiction @ParkIndigo ?

— @TAPAJToulouse (@TapajToulouse) June 5, 2017

“It is a way to meet these young people with a proposal to re-establish, as some are often very far away from the existing systems, institutions, vis-à-vis which they are sometimes suspicious. The goal is not the work, it is a lever to talk about health, housing, and reductions in risk, ” says David Mourgues, in charge of the Tapaj within the association. To begin with, six sites will be organized with the town hall by the end of the year.