Toulouse: at the age of 14, he hits a young woman in front of her little girl to steal her bag

A theft of purse. Illustration. — Brandel WPA Sipa

Stealing her bag, he did not hesitate to drag along the ground and kicking him in the back. A Toulouse 14-year-old was arrested in his parent’s home Tuesday for a robbery with violence committed on the 22nd September last, in the district of Trois-Cocus.

A young mother was chemin de Lanusse with her little girl of three years and a half in the arms, when a teenager was flirting with. Before returning a few moments later to try to steal her bag. But the mother did not let go. The youth was then dragged to the ground and has assené punched in the back for surrendering, before taking flight.

Presented before a judge for children

Thanks to the mobile phone of the victim which was in the bag, the investigators of the safety department Toulouse have managed to go back to a first man, who happened to be a tour guide. It is this last that has led the police up to the teenager of 14 years. This last has been presented to the judge for children.

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