FRAUD A Toulousian received the RSA, while residing more than three months of the year abroad

Toulouse: She received the RSA without living all year in France, 11,000 euros claimed from a sexagenarian

In a branch of the Caisse family allowances (CAF) in Toulouse. — FRED SCHEIBER/20 MINUTES

Between 2017 and 2019, a Toulouse woman received the solidarity income. active​ (RSA) paid by the Haute-Garonne family allowance fund. Except that instead of residing permanently in France, she spent a lot of time at home. abroad, often more than three months per year, which cancels the rights and is considered as a fraud.

An anomaly which was realized by the departmental council of Haute-Garonne, which decided to to seize the public prosecutor of Toulouse last November. The police officers in charge of the investigation summoned this 63-year-old recipient. In front of them, she presented herself as an artist, giving lessons to abroad. She pleaded; her good faith, indicating that she thought she had to respect the rule of residence in France… but only for the first year. She started to reimburse, but will still have to explain himself to a judge in a year.