Toulouse: Summoned to the police for driving under alcohol, he went there by car and stuffed

OpŽération of the National gendarmerie on the roads of the Haute-Garonne. — Frederic Scheiber/20 MINUTES

He pushed in the nail… as it should be. On Thursday, an inhabitant of the canton of Villefranche-de-Lauragais, southeast of Toulouse, is summoned to the
gendarmerie to discuss with the military the disposition of the suspension of his license for drunken driving, as well as other offences.

Without a permit, he goes there by car

In the course of the conversation, the policeman who attends to his case realizes that he has breath busy. To check his suspicions, he made him blow into a breathalyzer. Bingo, it is positive and shows 0.44 mg/l of expired air.

If he had come on foot, it would have been able to move on. But the man had taken his car to go to the police… even though his licence had been withdrawn. A relapse in good and due form. To avoid that he starts again, his vehicle was confiscated. In key exchange, the military gave him his summons before the correctional court.

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