Toulouse: the police officer of the BRI that he accidentally killed his colleague would not have complied with the rules of training

(Photo illustration) of The police officers of the BIS, 1st September 2017 in Paris. — SIPA

Exercise deadly on the military base of Francazal in Cugnaux, in the suburbs of toulouse on Wednesday. A policeman, 46-year-old, from a brigade of research and intervention (BRI), has been accidentally killed, had revealed the parquet floor of Toulouse.

According to Le Parisien, staff at the Intervention Brigade (BRI) was struck in the chest by one of the trainees when it formed these ” newcomers “, the aspiring police officers in this elite unit. The relief were unable to revive him.

Protocol violated

The drama is a priori, conducted during an exercise of the taking of hostages with bullets dummy. After having emptied his charger beads, paintings, the officer trainee would have reloaded it with real bullets, which is a nice departure from the protocol. According to Le Parisien, the shooter was in a state of shock after the fact.

The investigation in fragrance for manslaughter opened by the parquet floor of Toulouse, appears to be heading towards a fault individual and accidental.

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