Tourism in Chernobyl: how safe Stalker tours

Туристический ажиотаж в Чернобыле: насколько безопасны сталкерские туры

The excitement continues at the Chernobyl tours. Since the beginning of the exclusion zone was visited by over one hundred thousand tourists. Figure the record of last year visitors were one-third less. And this is only the official data. Because there are still stalkers who offer tours of the abandoned buildings of Chernobyl. How safe are these tours decided to find out news “Today.”

Empty trace and shabby sign “Chernobyl area”. For “hungry” to horrifying landscapes, here begins the journey to the city where time has stopped. After the American tape, here is often visited by the foreigners. Already at the checkpoint crew news, “” acquainted with the poles.

“This is the only place in Europe where there has been such a disaster, and almost all of Europe felt its effects. I’m just curious to see all this, to take a picture. This is a new experience,” says a visitor of the exclusion zone Wojciech NARES.In the centre of Pripyat, abandoned shops, a Ferris wheel, an abandoned house. Visitors eager to feel the taste of danger. And, of course, hidden under the sarcophagus of the 4th reactor. For visitors of the exclusion zone to visit here a must.

Those who are “official” trails a little, trying to get into a closed area illegal for the Stalker. On their road map, abandoned morgues, kindergartens, rooftops.

Cyril Garnik, assistant Director of GP “CITIZ”:

“These visitors illegally. They go ahead and go through the red forest, which is very polluted. In addition, many of those visitors pytayutsa from the zone to make some things that can also be very polluted”Ads offer to tickle your nerves on the Internet dozens. Dialed a few numbers – promise: it’s safe. However, doctors suggest not to risk it.

“You get in the body this isotope, the person during all life will receive radiation. This impacts negatively on bone marrow, can cause leukemia and decreased immunity. And maybe even the risk of malignant tumors in any organ”, writes Bogdan hood, an endocrinologist.But if the desire to be in the Chernobyl zone is stronger than the warnings of doctors – it is better to choose the already proven routes.