Tournament pee-wee: a thought for the Sedin

Tournoi pee-wee: une pensée pour les Sedin

The father of the young Cole Bieksa is an assistant coach of the Ducks of Anaheim junior except that it was not in Quebec city, Wednesday, for the first game outside the contest the team of his sons in preparation for their debut at the Tournament international de hockey pee-wee on Friday night. But Cole has not held accountable : he had a good reason.

You will have guessed that the father of the young striker is the former defender of NHL Kevin Bieksa. On Wednesday, he was in Vancouver, where he has spent most of his career, to be with brothers Henrik and Daniel Sedin, who have seen their numbers be removed by the organization.

The family Bieksa is moved in California in the summer of 2015 when his father was traded to the Ducks in return for a choice of the second round, putting an end to his career of 12 years within the organization who was drafted in the fifth round in 2001.

An impact on Vancouver

Thus, it is in British Columbia that Cole has made his first steps in hockey. First as defender, then as the attacker – he considers himself not to have the skating required to change the position of defender.

But it is also in Vancouver that he was able to rub shoulders with the brothers Sedin, and even though he was only 8 years old when the family took over the management of Anaheim, understand the impact that the twins have had on the city.

“They became the face of the franchise,” he mentioned Wednesday, in the Journal, before the first tough game of the Ducks of Anaheim junior at the sports Complex in Wendake. I would even say that they have shaped the city of Vancouver and not just the hockey team. During the matches, the only jerseys he was in the stands were sweaters Sedin. “

Cole Bieksa was able to take advantage of this privileged access he had to the interior of the walls of the Rogers Arena in Vancouver to discover, with the eyes of a child, the personality of the popular twins.

“These are very good people. They are very reserved and shy, but they spoke to me always in the locker room and acknowledged me when they saw me. We played sometimes in the mini-hockey set also. “

From North to South

For his part, Cole Bieksa is now installed in California and prefer it to British Columbia !

“What I like about California is that we can play hockey on roller skates throughout the year. You don’t have to worry about the rain as in Vancouver. “

The elite hockey in California, however, is quite different from the Vancouver area. In addition to the Ducks of Anaheim, the Los Angeles Kings are the only other elite team worthy of mention on the territory of california. In order to face the competition, the young Ducks must therefore travel a lot during the year. Since the beginning of the season, they have made trips to Vancouver, Indiana, Wisconsin and to Chicago to play matches of their caliber.

Championship title in sight

In December, they went on to win the NHL Youth Cup, a tournament presented at the home of the Detroit Red Wings, the arena Little Caesars, and combining several of the best courses pee-wee United States.

“We play well together. We have a good structure and we play well collectively. We are not the kind of team that’s going to try to beat an opponent one-on-one. It moves well with the puck, ” described the young Bieksa, who is already dreaming of leaving Quebec city with the trophy of champions of class AAA.

“It would mean so much to us. It would mean that we are the best team comprising of players born in 2007 in the world “, lance-t-il.

No doubt that dad, who has never participated in the Tournament pee-wee being young, would be very proud.

The games on the schedule


  • Frontenac Quebec North-East 3 c. Express 1 South Shore 2 – AA
  • Musketeers of St-Hyacinthe 4 c. the Governors of the Québec-Ouest 0 – AA
  • Regr. The Bellechasse-Beauce-North 3 c. Noroîts 2 of RAHC-DPR 2 (TB) – Inter B
  • Lynx High-Beauce 2 c. Senators Laval 4 – AA
  • College Charles-Lemoyne 0 c. Commanders of the Collège de Lévis 3 – School
  • Men of Magog 2 c. Lords of Lotbinière 3 – Inter B
  • Athletic Ancienne-Lorette 3 c. Corsaires Pointe-Lévy 0 – School
  • Snowy owls of the Triplet, 4 c. Black and Gold Mortagne 2 – AA-Elites
  • National Montreal West 2 c. Knights of Lordship 1 – AA
  • Knights of the Czech Republic 3 c. Green and Black of the école Fadette 4 – AAA


8h | Frontenac of Quebec North-East c. Gladieteurs of Chaleur Bay – Inter B

9: 15 am | Whales Charlevois c. Allies of Montmagny – Inter B

10: 30 | Wolves of Central Ontario c. Grenadiers du Lac St-Louis AAA

11: 45 am | Océanic of the Quebec North-East c. Cataracts de Shawinigan – AA-Elites

13h | Halifax Mooseheads c. Titans of the North Shore – AA

14: 15 | Arsenal of the Académie St-Louis c. Express of the College Saint-Sacrament – School

15: 30 | Ambassadors of Gatineau c. Select Austria – AA

16h45 | Armada of Blainville-Boisbriand c. Cyclone SSF-Québec – AA-Elites

18h | Petes de Peterborough c. Saguenéens de Chicoutimi – AAA

19: 15 | Governors 2 of the Québec-Ouest c. Petty Sorel-Tracy – Inter B

20: 30 | Collège Charles-Lemoyne c. Islanders Black Middlesex – AA-Elites

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