“Towards the sea” : the Magdalen Islands featured

«Direction la mer» : les Îles de la Madeleine en vedette

MONTREAL | After describing the beauties of the United States, from Maine to Florida, the show “Towards the sea”, is rooted nowhere else than among us, for its fifth season, putting the cap on the Magdalen Islands and the maritime provinces.

Pandemic is forcing, many are discovering or rediscovering this year the attractions of Quebec and the rest of Canada during their holidays. And this was not a handicap to the pursuit of adventure “Towards the sea” because, like the breath if the moderator David Bernard, “the beaches, they are everywhere!”

“The Islands of the Madeleine, it is about 300 kilometers from the beach, in everything and everywhere,” he stressed. If you want sand, you’ll find it!”

Diversity of activities

Arrived to the Islands two weeks ago with his microéquipe technique of three people, David Bernard was unequivocal: the small corners of paradise that are within a few miles of our homes have nothing to envy to many panoramas americans.

The first images filmed up here are “of reinforced concrete, dynamite”, he says, and he and his colleagues have not experienced any major concern, in spite of the particular conditions prevailing this summer.

At the time of writing these lines, Bernard and his troops still had before them two days of work in this area of the country before making the trip, by the end of August, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward island for the rest of the shoot. The result of this trip, in 10 one-hour episodes, will air to Escape as early as this fall.

“I was extremely charmed by the Islands of the Madeleine, that I saw for the first time. It is beautiful, breathtaking!”, racing David Bernard, who claims to have been conquered by the warm welcome of the Madelinots, “very colorful”, and the abundance of activities available in the area.

“Despite the fact it is an archipelago with small islands, there are a lot of things to do. You can spend very, very beautiful vacation, two or three weeks, here. There is still more diversity than I thought! We went fishing for lobster on a lobster boat, we went to see the aquaculture of oysters directly on the Islands, it has been kitesurfing…”

To escape

In addition, David Bernard wants to be reassuring: the artisans of “Towards the sea” have not dragged the COVID-19 in their luggage for the Islands. In other words, he will not really question of the pandemic in the show. True to its mandate, it will offer a real moment of escape for viewers. It will even minimize the effects of social distancing in the assembly.

“In spite of the context, we want to continue to make people dream. It is not as if the pandemic was not there; on the contrary, it is very respectful and very careful. But we don’t focus on it. We won’t see people with masks. We, we want to show the beauty of the places where it is, the richness of landscapes and activities to do. People will continue to dream and travel the world looking at us, and go discover great places,” says David Bernard.

The fifth season of “Towards the sea” will be presented on Wednesday, 20 h, to Escape, as soon as 14 October.

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