Toxic landfill in North Ossetia turned into a Park

PHOTO : / Nicholas kostyushin


In North Ossetia, a giant landfill full of toxic waste will be turned into a landscaped Park. The national project “Ecology,” dangerous object, which for decades poisoned the life of the inhabitants of the village of Unai, will can. Work has already started, reports the correspondent of “MIR 24” red of Ulubaev.

While here the birds do not sing, trees do not grow. Then they simply do not survive. 20 acres of poisoned areas, approximately 16 million tons of chemical waste.

Say, on this piece of industrial waste can be studied in high school chemistry. In it almost the whole periodic table. It’s cadmium, Nickel, zinc, copper, arsenic, lead and even mercury. No wonder people, this body of water called the dead sea. Fish it is not usual, and on its banks there are no tourists.

Between the houses and lake and 500 metres. Almost half a century dump poisoning the lives of the villagers. The wind carries the poisonous dust for miles. Because of this departed youth, and seniors choking.

“Recently I was at the neighbors. I say, Galina, look here what’s going on, it’s like a fog. Here’s the dust rose. I’ve never been sick, and now I have bronchitis from air”, – says a resident of the village Unal Maria Tsogoeva.

Because of the toxic dust has withered and most of the famous uralskih gardens. Once the fruit from these trees won celosvetove in Paris and served at the Royal table.

“You see, not ready for public consumption, so to speak. We hope that nature will somehow improve, and they will revive again. We will watch, we all forces will give”, – says a resident of the village Unal Svetlana Tsallagova.

Decades of slag mixed with the water through the pipes flowed down here from the mountain village of mizur. Funds for the elimination of landfill has allocated this year alone.

Tailing decided to cover the sarcophagus. Powerful concrete wall will protect from flood of the river Ardon. The old levee is destroyed, and a poisonous cocktail of heavy metals enters first into the river, then the Caspian sea.

“In the water we swim, many water intakes the water is used. It’s all sooner or later we will have to accumulate in the body, in trees, on houses,” – said the Minister of ecology and natural resources of North Ossetia Chermen service.

To avoid this, on top of the sarcophagus closed with clay and earth. Snow will be two meters. On the surface break a forested area and make places to stay. Those wishing to sell their homes in the village Unal now there.

Until the end of the year to eliminate storage of toxic waste in the village of Upper Fiagdon in the South of North Ossetia.