Toyota: production suspended in France and the United Kingdom

    Toyota: production suspended in France and the United Kingdom

    Toyota will shut down the activity of three factories, one in northern France and two in the United Kingdom. A suspension which follows the stoppage of links between British territory and several European countries due to the appearance of a new variant of the coronavirus across the Channel.

    Fearing shortages, Toyota stops the activity of 3 sites

    “In view expected parts shortages due to transport delays and the uncertain nature of the duration of border closures for logistics activities, Toyota Motor Europe, Toyota’s European headquarters, has decided to proceed with a controlled shutdown of its production activities for its French site and its two English sites ”indicated the communications department of the French factory in Onnaing, near Valenciennes (north).

    The Onnaing plant no longer supplied from December 22

    In this context, the Onnaing plant, which manufactures the Yaris and employs more than 4,000 people in three-shifts, “will no longer be supplied from Tuesday, December 22 at 6:00 am” specifies the manufacturer.

    “The site, which has around 7 hours of stock, will be able to produce until the end of the morning shift, ie 1:30 p.m. LTuesday afternoon and night shifts will therefore be canceled as well as the 3 shifts scheduled for Wednesday 23 December », details Toyota.

    The factory was initially scheduled to close Thursday morning, after the night shift, for the holidays.

    Production could restart on Monday, December 28 afternoon, “if the situation evolves,” according to management.

    The downside of just-in-time

    “Before the stocks were in the warehouses, now the stocks are on the roads in the trucks,” regretted Eric Pecqueur, delegate of the CGT union. “It’s the just-in-time principle”.

    Possible impacts on the Toyota plant in Poland

    “The truck drivers cannot come, they are stranded there,” recalled Thomas Mercier, CFDT union delegate, after an extraordinary CSE was held on Monday. According to him, this decision could also have consequences for the factory in Poland which manufactures the engines of the Yaris.

    France suspends transport of people and goods

    The appearance of a new variant of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom has caused panic among world authorities, with dozens of capitals canceling flights to or to British territory, which finds itself isolated.

    France has for its part suspended since midnight Sunday and for 48 hours all travel of people from British soil, ” including related to the transport of goods, by road, air, sea or rail ‘. Only unaccompanied freight remains authorized.

    Our opinion, by

    Between Brexit and new strain of Covid, Boris Johnson has a lot to do. France can “take advantage” of health reasons to block people AND goods, just to put pressure on the British government while no exit agreement has yet been found.

    If Toyota is the first automaker to announce a suspension of operations, others should follow.

    It is sometimes difficult to be an island…. even in the 21st century.

    Sources: AFP, Toyota

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