“TPMP”: Agathe Auproux judge the feminism of the current “systematic, aggressive and regressive”

Agathe Auproux is a columnist in Key not at my post on the C8 — C. George Jerusalmi / C8

Then she started her second season at the table of the columnists in Key not at my post, the journalist (
labeled ” nerd “ because she has glasses, and has worked for the Inrockuptibles)
gave an interview to Here , while Cyril Hanouna said that it was a dish towel.

That is, it leaves you already collect the info.

Is this right ? We can go there after that ?

Between two defenses of his boss, Hanouna, as we wanted to “attack through it” when they have been exhumed
his old tweets anti-semitic and pauvrophobes, Agathe Auproux explained that the celebrity does not weigh too much. Well, there are these guys who want to get in his hotel room, and then the rumors that see it as a couple with ” Cyril “, but all in all, she didn’t regret having said yes to C8.

We learn a bit more about his adolescence in Guéret (Creuse), where she drank, nor went out, and forced himself to look at the tv to not be dropped in the recess. AND then, at the turn of a question, Agathe Auproux said all the evil she thinks of feminism today : “I believe that feminism today is the worst feminism. It is systematic, it is aggressive, it is regressive, and I don’t think it would serve the cause (). For some, feminism has become a kind of trend that we can borrow a little rough. “

Finally, Agathe Auproux decided to protect her family by not showing them more on Instagram where she prefers selfies solitary : “The only catch is that one has the impression that I spend my life all alone. “

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