TPMP: Cyril Hanouna reveals that he wanted to bring Christophe Beaugrand on the chain D8

Cyril Hanouna revealed on “TPMP” that he had wanted to recruit Christophe Beaugrand. — 20 Minutes

Well before their recent clash at a distance, Cyril Hanouna would have loved Christophe Beaugrand vienna presentation of programming on D8, the name that was then
C8. These are finally the leaders of the chain that are opposed to the transfer. “Christophe Beaugrand, ever. We do not believe at all “, would have answered
Ara Aprikian and Xavier Gandon producer Cyril Hanouna.

The critics Gilles Verdez

It is in any case what he or she has told on Wednesday on the tray Key not at my post. The anecdote is all the more remarkable is that the two leaders of the string are now at the head of
TF1, which is manned always Christophe Beaugrand.

If Cyril Hanouna has addressed the topic during his show, it was in response to the comments of Gilles Verdez, who came to feel that “TF1 has never believed” in Christophe Beaugrand and it was ” relegated to emissions subordinate “.

So we have the proof that the only quest of the audience can lose dignity to a TV presenter. ? #tpmp

— Actuality (@ActualityFrance) October 11, 2017
“Vomit on the work of others”

On the same day, in an interview with Tv Leisure, Christophe Beaugrand returned to the repeated criticisms which it is the object of the part of the chronicler of TPMP. “This is someone I’ve never met. (…) At the beginning it hurt me because it was really very very naughty. Now it has become so regular and almost cartoonish that I can laugh at almost. “

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And the presenter of Secret Story to add to the topic of Key not at my post : “Their stock-in-trade is to throw up on the work of others “.

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