Trade:$ 3000 from plexiglass

Commerce: 3000$ de plexiglas

Stéphane Sinclair

3000$ piece of plexiglass

The owner of a trade of Sherbrooke who specializes in the sports products is happy to finally be able to open the doors of his store, which had never closed in 29 years.

“It is a tremendous relief,” sighs Michel Fish of Momo Sports, which was estimated to have lost 85% of its sales since the closing of the establishment on the 16th of march last.



In order to ensure that his store continues to roll and respond to the many on-line orders, the owner is allowed only one day off since Quebec has been put on pause, or for a little more than forty days.

“We have spent nearly$ 3,000 in plexiglas in order to be ready for the opening Monday,” he adds.



Mr. Fish believes that business will resume soon, as the population will likely invest in the equipment in full, rather than paying for travel.

-Alex Drouin, special Collaboration

Delivery of ice cream

A creamery of Boisbriand has put everything in place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 during the days of heat.

“All orders are placed online on our website and the payments also,” says Robert Desrosiers. It is his daughter, Jessica Desrosiers, who has organized the measures that allow them to open security. The goal of Mrs. Desrosiers was able to open as soon as the first warm weather, what they have already done since a week.



Customers can take delivery at home or pick up their order outside of the trade.



“We don’t let anyone enter and you don’t want a line waiting in front of the trade. Otherwise, in good weather, can you imagine the length of the queue that this would have to meet the 2 meters of distance?”, lance the man. In the afternoon, they had already made twenty deliveries and a few families waited patiently in their cars to receive their order.

-Stéphane Sinclair, special collaboration

Wash, wash the car

The employees of a garage in the Lower Laurentians take major steps to not transmit the COVID-19 from one vehicle to the other.

“We use gloves thrown away before moving on to another vehicle and it uses masks. We make sure not to catch the virus and do not transmit”, explains Jean-Philippe Prévost, 29 years. They will also pass a cloth with a disinfectant on the driver’s seat after sitting on it.



Mr. Prévost is a co-owner since last December, the Center of mechanical Boisbriand with Guillaume Landry-Melançon, age 34.

The two entrepreneurs have taken several other initiatives to protect customers and their employees. “We only work on appointment, and there can be no more than four people at a time, and we have enough space. People are being asked to us leave their vehicle, it is more safe as well,” he said.



-Stéphane Sinclair, special collaboration

Two people at a time only

A business owner of sewing is very happy to be able to reopen his business today.

“I’m happy about that. It is financially difficult. The important thing is to take good hygiene measures and to keep our distance,” explains Sun Hien, the owner of the trade Sewing Zipper, located in Boisbriand.



Ms. Hien has spent his day Sunday to clean it all up and to put in place the necessary space to ensure the safety of clients.

“We have masks and Purel. Not allowing more than 2 people at a time,” she explains.

Although they are two seamstresses working there, only Mrs. Hien returns to work on Monday since there will not be enough customers.

-Stéphane Sinclair, special collaboration

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