Trade talks open between the United Kingdom and Australia

Négociations commerciales ouvertes entre Royaume-Uni et Australie

Sydney | Australia, and Great Britain formally open on Wednesday negotiations on a free trade agreement post-Brexit, they hope to conclude during this year, a-t-it is stated from an official source australian.

“In the day, Australia and the United Kingdom, will officially open negotiations on a free trade agreement”, said in a speech in Canberra, the Trade minister Simon Birmingham.

The conservative government in england is negotiating her divorce with the european Union and then wishes to strengthen its trade through the world.

The minister was of the view that even in the case of an agreement between the two countries, it was unlikely to see the volume of trade returned to levels seen in the 1970s, before, therefore, the entry of Britain into the european economic Community, and when commercial relations were concentrated on the former colonies.

“Australia will work to get better access to the markets for its export products, particularly in agriculture, the online trading and investment”, he added.

Australia is also negotiating a trade agreement with the EU, and the minister stated wish to conclude this year while admitting that the task of negotiating several agreements simultaneously was difficult.

“The EU is a bigger market, and despite the Brexit, there is still a larger market. But that does not make the uk market less important,” said Mr. Birmingham.

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