Traders are increasingly worried

Commerçants de plus en plus inquiets

The ongoing uncertainty around the re-opening of thousands of stores in the greater Montreal area will weigh increasingly heavy on the morale and the finances of the retailers of the province.

“I don’t hide the fact that it is difficult,” says the president of the chain of stores is Tristan, Lili Fortin. The company we are gliding between your fingers and there’s nothing we can do. “

On Thursday, the prime minister François Legault has suggested that the reopening of the shops of the Montreal metropolitan Community (CMM) was, among others, the port of the mask.

“It is important that Montrealers are wearing the mask in public transport, especially if one wants to think about keeping the possibility of opening the shops on the 25th of may,” he mentioned.

A statement that surprised and disappointed retailers.

Any further delays could have serious consequences, warns the president and CEO of the Conseil québécois du commerce de detail, Stéphane Drouin.

“We do not see it, but it is grey on the horizon. It is really difficult. “

Season the water

An opinion shared by Ms. Fortin. “These reports are a great source of stress. Like everyone, we thought we re-open in early may. Deferral postponement, we ended up completely missing our season “.

This last said to understand the situation. It is even said to feel a lot of empathy for Mr. Legault. No, she says, would want to re-open if there is a danger.

At the same time, when in the bend of his races, it note all of these stores remained open in the shopping centres, and door-less exterior, contrary to what the law says…

“So there, I won’t deny that I feel a deep sense of unfairness. “

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