Traders disappointed not to be able to open

Des commerçants déçus de ne pas pouvoir ouvrir

Like many retailers, the CEO of the Group Panda and the CEO of the Group WLKN are disappointed of the non-opening of shopping centres ” until further order “.

“Obviously this is disappointing. The re-opening of shopping centres is vital for us. But in the circumstances, one understands the government’s decision “, told the Newspaper the Group CEO, Panda, Linda Goulet.

Yesterday, the government confirmed that the stores with access to the outdoors will be able to reopen their doors on 4 may. Those that are located in shopping centres will, however, still have to wait a few weeks.

Out of a total of 24 shops Panda across the province, only three of which have direct access to the outside.

Linda Goulet, president and CEO of the Group Panda

Clients appointment ?

Such as Panda, the majority of the stores WLKN are located in shopping centres without direct access to the outside.

“It is certain that those who have access to the outdoors will be able to eat before the other. I’m disappointed, I’d like to reopen. However, if I open tomorrow morning, is what I’m going to have enough clients to be profitable ? It is necessary to ensure that, at the opening, the traffic will follow, if not I’ll just pay more than it currently is, ” says its CEO, Pierre-Olivier Mercier, indicating understanding of the measure.

Mr. Mercier estimates that it has still, however, a lot of questions unanswered, especially about the traffic that will be allowed.

The question of leases the chicote also. What will happen to the stores that will reopen later ? if he asked, offering shopping centres, for recovery, to offer a formula of agreement, based on the new percentage of traffic.

On the side of the shopping malls, the directions were cautious in their comments about the revival of the economy, stating that it is ” a step in the right direction.”

Some leaders, however, would have preferred a stimulus-most comprehensive in the retail industry. Others would have liked to see an opening of the government to open more quickly the commercial centres outside of the hotspots.

Trudel Alliance, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Oxford Properties and Cominar have confirmed that they were working on scenarios for the reopening, which will be adapted according to the government guidelines.

— With the collaboration of Jean-Luc Lavallée and Martin Jolicoeur

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