Tragedy in Kazakhstan: the children were killed, fell through the ice on the pond

Трагедия в Казахстане: дети погибли, провалившись под лед на городском пруду

Sunday, November 10, in the city of Zhitikara, located in Kostanay oblast of Kazakhstan, near the border with Russia, an incident occurred that claimed two human lives.

Three children came out on the ice of the city pond and fell into the water. Witnesses rushed to help — witnesses of the incident and the rescue of law enforcement officers managed to pull them out of the water.

The victims were taken to hospital where two of them — the children of 2013 and 2014 born and died from hypothermia. The third child is in the hospital in a state of moderate severity.

In addition, local media have reported that the hospitalized man born in 1954 — one of the bystanders who rushed to help. He also diagnosed hypothermia.

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