Tragedy in Kemerovo details and the reaction of Russian stars

Sunday, March 25, in Kemerovo there was a terrible tragedy. A fire in a shopping complex “Winter cherry”, which began about 13:00 Moscow time, has killed more than 60 people (the number of victims is still growing), another 48 people were injured and 16 still unaccounted for.

The fire, as it soon became known, started on the fourth floor of the shopping center, and its center was located near children’s playgrounds and attractions. Despite the fact that emergency workers and firefighters were able to quickly evacuate more than 100 people, the number of victims was very large due to the fact that some visitors (mainly children who watched the cartoon) was trapped in the cinema hall, and others were not able to leave the building because of the closed emergency exits.

Among the main causes of the tragedy experts call the electrical problem.

The experts have already begun to explore possible versions of the incident. Most likely at the initial stage consider violations in the installation and maintenance of power grids in the trade center building. They could not withstand the increased load and you may not have a high degree of protection from power surges,

— said the source.

It is not excluded version of arson that could make one of the little visitors of the shopping complex:

It is possible that he may have been unintentional careless handling of fire in one of the premises of the centre.

The tragedy was a shock for all Russians. My condolences to the families of the victims expressed the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, as well as many celebrities, who in their social networks mourn together with the families of victims of the tragedy.

Ksenia Sobchak:

It is impossible to think calmly about it. The children scream, falling out of Windows, locked in a trap of fire, caller parents for the last time to talk. We know exactly what will happen, right? Check that the only result of which will be even bigger bribes, and a couple punished the lower rank officials “on the ground”. At the meetings in Siberia, and across the country, I constantly repeated: governors and mayors always do not care about you, because your votes really do not depend. What unites Volokolamsk landfill, for the closure which I struggle, and the terrible tragedy in Kemerovo? The fact that sparrows and rails can not and do not know how to be with his people. It would seem, well why not to come, not to get your hopes up, not to sympathize? Why is it so difficult to join? Because “PEOPLE” perceive these superiors as something separate. What is necessary to communicate only in enclosed spaces with metal detectors and guards. “People” is always separated from them, and therefore the “woes of the people.” That’s why I they brand advocacy programs kleimenova this! Like, what it Volokolamsk, when she lives on the ruble? It really is hard to imagine that you can live safely, make good money, but truly empathize with and want the best for others! That it is possible to feel a sense of ownership to the country and its sorrows, belonging to his people, despite the difference in income. You can! Need! And I don’t understand how can THEY be otherwise? It turns out that you can! Well, just the detail is perfect: the head of the emergencies Ministry in the Kemerovo region in the Declaration land cruiser price in two million roubles, the minimum annual salary of 1.6 million rubles. And that’s all you need to know about him and his “effective” work.

Tina Kandelaki:

We live on the principle of “maybe”. Maybe blow over, maybe not light, maybe not break, maybe the alarm went off and all will be well. This widespread Esprit de corps, zameshennaya on corruption and incompetence, is the main threat for our country. We do not need to scare with sanctions: they are afraid to let those who have something to lose beyond the borders of our country. We need to be afraid of our “maybe”, which killed more than 50 people in Kemerovo. Obviously, in order to survive and not become a victim of another “maybe” to mobilize we must own, because of help from uncomprehending modern world, the speed and scale of development any disaster officials should not wait.

Maxim Galkin:

A terrible tragedy in the Kemerovo shopping Mall. Experience with the whole family. Of course, it will set the cause of the fire and this number of casualties, but one thing is clear: well, this should not happen in the 21st century, the modern development of technology and security capabilities. Technical equipment and training of staff for emergency situations in places of a congestion of people, and even children, should be in the first place, to earnings. Even if regulators looked the other way, the owners need to understand that this is their area of responsibility: evacuation plans, emergency exits, alarm, skilled care staff, etc. If there are such tragedies, then at the state level need to conduct a special program to improve knowledge, skills and responsibility for fire safety. If not approached systematically, the “lame horse,” a Russian “maybe blow over” will always cross our path and take life. Including the lives of the firefighters, because they heroically died in the fires that would not have happened if their colleague did not take bribes. If we aspire to the rank of a great Power, then we can in 2018 at the peaceful Sunday morning in broad daylight to die a few dozen children from a fire. All kinds of power must perceive that the death of its citizens, not as a tragic accident, and as tragic pattern of our present reality, because the randomness can only sympathize, and with regularity, you can fight. So fight, dammit, for the life of the people, not when it’s too late! These suffocated and burned children in the viewing of the film has not come back, so change is something that is never, ever repeated that work to improve security over immediately after a wave of emergency inspections, which will be held across the country. Russia will become great only when it human life would be costly. My heart bleeds at the thought of what happened. Deepest condolences from our family to families of the victims! My heart to you!

Polina Gagarina:

So scary, that has no strength… the children… strength to the families and friends… strength to move. God…

Yana Rudkovskaya:

Here it is unkind and miserable morning! While in the eyes and the minds of those who build and operate shopping centers, are flashed just business and dollars, and the authorities and other services (fire and security) who receives and verifies the commissioning of the building, and also checks during the year, how does the building, again the same business, we’re just going to sit and wait when we will get there. Yes does not get better! You check across Russia shopping malls, there are mostly such violations, evacuation from narrow outputs to disabled fire alarms as if they are normal, should not only alarm, but should automatically turn on the water, which would have, in fact, correct, block fire! All these takers who take the building and these “businessmen-owners” to quickly begin to collect rent and think only of their own enrichment, but I do not think that in these so-called popular shopping malls every day thousands of families with children and are not even aware that every day risk their lives because of greedy officials and building owners! We mourn with You, Kemerovo. I hope that the perpetrators are severely punished and then check all shopping malls across Russia, so this mess needs when it will come to an end. Well, that Governor Tuleyev has not arrived at the scene of the tragedy — a catastrophic mistake! Someone of the officials said that “the motorcade of the Governor might impede emergency response vehicles”. What is the procession, comrades, you lost your mind? Walk, go, crawl, where the children die! This is, of course, the mess! A terrible tragedy in the Kemerovo shopping Mall. Experience with the whole family. Of course, it will set the cause of the fire and this number of casualties, but one thing is clear: well, this should not happen in the 21st century, the modern development of technology and security capabilities.


Kemerovo. Incomprehensible… confusing… painful… to Me as a mother of two sons is especially hard to realize the absurdity of the tragedy… On weekends the whole family we often call Mall to watch a movie, play in the malls. This trouble could happen to anyone! I know that many people donate blood for the victims, for those who survived. The tragedy left no one indifferent. Scary… I hope all guilty will incur the punishment for those who on Sunday evening had not returned home… for those who are not coming to school… for a broken life… may God Give the strength to the families and friends…

Irina Dubtsova:

Got off the train in Krasnoyarsk… a network… Cannot even imagine! A terrible death… a Terrible life awaits the families of the victims… It’s not otmolit ever! What do you build? Deadly traps? What you save? What punishment deserved by THOSE who are to BLAME? After all, WHAT could be worse than what has ALREADY happened in that shopping center…

Vera Brezhneva:

Shopping center. Fire. Of the victim. Children. There are no words. It breaks my heart.

Albina Dzhanabaeva:

Kemerovo… our condolences.

Garik Kharlamov:

Tragedy in Kemerovo. Children. My condolences.

Olesya Sudzilovskaya:

Kemerovo. 25.03.18. A terrible tragedy, endless grief… condolences to the parents, relatives and friends of people from our family!

Leonid Agutin:

A terrible tragedy! It is impossible to imagine what these people have gone through! The Kids… The Mountain. The Kingdom of heaven to the dead. Condolences to the family. All this is so outrageously unfair!

Anastasia Stotskaya:

Kemerovo… a Tragedy… Horrible… Heart to shreds… Crying… condolences to the families of…

Paul Will:

A terrible tragedy in Kemerovo. Please accept my condolences. Today, we are collecting blood for the victims. October, 22.

Natalia Podolskaya:

May God give the strength…

Masha Tsigal:

Lord! What a terrible tragedy! We grieve together with you! Strength and courage to the families of the victims! No words… as a mom I just can’t imagine what I feel mother, because the children wrote them an SMS… this is All so heartbreaking… How is that even possible in the 21st century of modern technology? Russia will become great only when human life here will be expensive! All different numbers of victims, and they are becoming more…

Elena Letuchaya:


SPLETNIK.RU expresses condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the fire.

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