Train derailment: four wagons on the banks of the rivière des Mille-iles

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
Seven cars in a convoy of 99 wagons pulled by three locomotives were derailed Thursday night, when he crossed a bridge linking Laval and Terrebonne.

More fear than harm in Laval. Despite the derailment of a train on a bridge that crosses the rivière des Mille-Îles, the incident was not any injured and would not have resulted in pollution of the water courses. But the convoys that travel on this stretch can carry hazardous materials.


For a reason still unknown, seven cars of a convoy of 99 wagons pulled by three locomotives were derailed Thursday night, when he crossed a bridge linking Laval and Terrebonne.


Four of the seven cars were on the banks of the river of the Thousand Islands. “The cars contained no hazardous material “, said Friday the company’s railway, Quebec-Gatineau, which operates the railroad.




The derailed cars typically carry the cement powder. However, they were empty at the time of the incident. The convoy also had two cars containing propane, but those have not derailed.


This information has also been confirmed by the Emergency Environment, which dispatched staff to the scene of the derailment. “We do not fear for the environment or for drinking water “, stressed the spokesperson of the ministry of the Environment, Sophie Gauthier.


The company has also confirmed to the Duty that his network, bought from the Canadian Pacific railway in 1997, is also used to transport hazardous materials. “Our license of operation provides that we may carry hazardous materials. As provided by the applicable regulations, the competent authorities and the cities are notified, if applicable. For reasons of public safety, this information is confidential and we do not disclose the contents of our cars. “

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“The incident has not been no injuries and no evacuation was necessary “, a-t-a is also specified on the side of the company, but also emergency services of the City of Laval. An investigation is underway to determine the causes of the incident, but it would be accidental.


“The emergency plan has worked well. There are no injuries and very little environmental impact. Our emergency teams have carried out a quick efficient operation, in close collaboration with the teams of Terrebonne that we thank them,” said the mayor of Laval, Marc Demers, on the site of the derailment.


The incident happened on the railway bridge located to the east of the pont Sophie-Masson. Operations to deliver the wagons on the rails are in progress. “The derailed cars are expected to be removed in the next 36 hours. The track will remain closed to rail traffic for a minimum of 48 hours, a period that will be extended or reduced as needed, ” said the operator of the railway.


“The repair of the bridge [rail], damaged during the incident, could take several days,” said the company. The freight train of the railway, Quebec-Gatineau was the liaison between Boisbriand (quebec, canada and Trois-Rivières.