Tram and 3rd link: Quebec 21 welcomes the update of the traffic studies

Tramway et 3e lien: Québec 21 se réjouit de la mise à jour des études d’achalandage

The government Legault is acting in a “responsible and logical”, as opposed to Régis Labeaume, according to Quebec 21, which welcomes the update of the traffic studies for the tram taking account of the future 3e link.

The Newspaper reported Monday morning that since the City of Quebec has no intention to do so, the government of Quebec will itself commission a new study of traffic, which compromises the accelerated timetable proposed by the mayor Labeaume for the tramway project.

The leader of the opposition in the city hall of Quebec city, Jean-François Gosselin, has commended the government for its handling of the case, Monday afternoon, at a press conference. He, himself, had demanded an update of the study when the new version of the 3rd link had been aired on the public square in February last, with a route linking the city centres of Quebec and Levis instead of the path to the east.

“It is necessary to tie the two projects […] Me, what I see in the message from the government is that it is thorough and wants to take the time to do things right, it is thoughtful and logical, and it will of course have an impact on the timetable that the mayor wants to pursue is simply to sign the contracts before the next election,” said Mr. Gosselin.

The recent shift of the trambus, paired with “the attractiveness of the 3rd link” provide ample justification for an update of the study, he argued, saying it was reassured to see that the government is “logged in on the evolution of these major issues”.

“It is not the end of surprises or cuts in this project. Already, the mayor spoke last week that he could possibly cut another section of track to Charlesbourg. There is a package of changes that are made and all that, it has an impact on ridership”, argues the head of Quebec 21, which suggests even wait for the official announcement of the government on the details of the 3rd link before going further.

During the hearings of the BAPE in the last week, the director of the office of the project of the tramway, Daniel Genest, really wasn’t warm to the idea of conducting a new study of traffic. He had indicated to the commissioners of the BAPE that the production of a new study, in the wake of the abandonment of the trambus, would take six to nine months.

Call qualification

The call for tenders for consortia interested in building the tramway project also took an end to 14h Monday afternoon. The result of the opening of the envelopes should be unveiled tomorrow. Jean-François Gosselin believes that there must be a maximum of competition and options” and that it should “ideally” that the City received three bids, otherwise “at least two”.

The consortia pre-qualified may then submit a bid during the call for proposals will be launched eventually. Mayor Labeaume is hoping to go forward with this crucial step at the end of the summer, but it will need a decree of the council of ministers, which is far from being achieved.

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