Tram: the City said no to the imposition of a fee

Tramway: la Ville dit non à l’imposition d’une redevance

Despite the potential gains, the City does not intend to impose a fee along the path of the tram.

“During the hearings of the BAPE, in response to a question on the topic, the City has indicated that it does not involve in the capture of land values with the project of network structuring,” replied the spokesman of the City David O’brien when The Journal wanted to know if the City planned to impose a levy of transport along the path of the tram.

This fee could be imposed by virtue of a power of the Municipality. Professor Fanny Tremblay-Racicot, of the national School of public administration, believes that the City could raise significant sums.


It is sufficient for him to adopt a regulation that would require any proponent wishing to build a large-scale project along the path of a charge as a function of the floor area to be developed.

Tremblay-Racicot calculated that the City could go and get a few hundreds of millions of dollars, which could fund the municipal part of the facilities associated with the project network structure. Recall that the municipal investment in the project is $300 million.

A recent study of the urban development Institute of Québec (IDU) tends to give a result in terms of potential revenue. In fact, UDI has estimated in 2019 the development potential of certain areas of the business to Quebec. Among these, the Institute has studied two key sites of the transport structure, including the hub of Sainte-Foy and the terminus in the sector Boiler.

The UDI has been able to calculate the number of square metres of floor area to be develop into a residential, commercial, office, industrial, and institutional by 2041.

Two poles

Only near the poles Boiler and Sainte-Foy, in the west of the path, the calculation arrives at a total of nearly one million square meters. If, as in the case of the electrical Network, metropolitan Montreal, Quebec imposed a fee of $ 109 per square meter, the City could reap more than $ 100 million to fund improvements to the transport structure.

This amount could be increased if the City proceeded in the same way all along the route. For example, close to three other hubs (Université Laval, Saint-Roch and d’estimauville), the stations and the terminus Charlesbourg.

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