Tram: the mandate of the BAPE will begin on 6 July

Tramway: le mandat du BAPE débutera le 6 juillet

The mandate of the BAPE (Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement) to examine the tramway in Quebec city in all its glory will start on 6 July.

At least that is what can be read in a press release issued by the BAPE, Thursday in the late afternoon.

This date of 6 July, figure in the letter-a mandate passed on Thursday by the minister of the Environment, Benoit Charette, the BAPE. Having considered the study of the impact of the City of Québec “admissible”, the minister instructed so the BAPE to investigate the mega-project of$ 3.3 billion to the magnifying glass.

In the coming days, the president of the BAPE, Philippe Bourke, “will determine the composition of the commission of inquiry, which will be responsible to fulfill the mandate. Then, it will be up to the commission to draw up the work schedule, the time of the holding of public meetings and the modalities of participation that will apply,” says-t-on.

Technically speaking, it is possible that the commencement of the hearings should not be on the 6th of July, but a few days later. It will be up to future commissioners to determine the calendar “independently”, has carefully indicated the spokesman of the BAPE, Pierre Turgeon.

One thing is for certain, the BAPE will have until 6 November, four months after the beginning of the term to submit its advisory report to the minister of the Environment.

Hearings online?

In this context of a pandemic, the BAPE swear to be able to hold hearings exclusively online. That said, Pierre Turgeon ensures that his organization “is following the situation closely” and that “if the public Health so permits, you will have all the agility and quickness necessary to be able to gather people in a room”.

In his letter-office, the minister Cart rightly prays the BAPE of “implement adjustments as it deems necessary for its practices.”

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