Tram: the map of the expropriations will be made public by the BAPE

Tramway: la carte des expropriations sera rendue publique par le BAPE

Despite the request for privacy expressed by the City of Québec, the BAPE has decided to make public the 16th of July at 9 p.m. – the mapping of expropriations that will be carried out in connection with the tramway project.

The decision of the BAPE (Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement) has fallen on Thursday in the late morning. “The commission of inquiry concludes that the interest of the public to take notice of mapping premium on the damage its publication might cause to the City of Québec, where applicable,” said in the decision signed by the chairperson of the commission of inquiry, Corinne Gendron.

The latter adds that “after analysis, the investigation commission considers that the mapping is relevant for the achievement of its mandate and the nature of the information it contains is of public interest. The investigation commission also notes that the information used to map the lots affected by the project is already in the public domain”.

In the early afternoon, Daniel Genest, director of the office project, said that “the City of Québec do not would object not to what the thing is made public”.

Thursday afternoon, the citizen François Gosselin-Couillard was accompanied by his daughter Cécile, 8 months, when he asked his question in the work of the BAPE (Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement), on the tram.

Business case

The BAPE must also make a decision on another request for confidentiality of the City of Quebec, which does not want that the business case of the network structure to be made public.

The business case should be submitted to the BAPE, under confidential cover, by the City of Quebec on Thursday 9 July. Daniel Genest, however, requested an additional period of 48 h to provide it. The chair Gendron has not yet responded to this request.

The commissioner Gendron asked the spokesman for the treasury board, Guillaume Arsenault, to explain the precise nature of the “danger” of making the business case public. “There’s a level of detail of the information which could cause prejudice in the bidding process of contractors”, a-t-he exposed.

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