Tram: the return of the “mobile kiosk” in the summer and in the fall of 2020

Tramway: retour du «kiosque mobile» à l’été et à l’automne 2020

Despite the COVID-19, Quebec City will once again move, this summer and fall, his mobile kiosk of information for the network structuring of public transport.

A negotiated contract of nearly$ 98,000 has recently been granted to the Québec winter Carnival to animate the booth, one can read on the System for electronic tendering (SEAO) of the government of Quebec.

Started in 2019, the kiosk is a bus transformed into a centre of information on the network structure. “It is a way to reach the public to introduce the project to the citizens on the ground. After the success of the edition in 2019, the City of Quebec renews the formula this summer and this fall with improvements to the initial concept,” says David O’brien, spokesman for the municipality.

Thus, “outside of the bus will attract passers-by focusing on the presence of agents of information and a variety of dynamic elements, one of them being a giant map of the network in the future. A novelty this year is to make accessible the interior of the bus to citizens in the form of an exhibition dedicated to the different facets of the network (history, foundations and benefits of the project, choice of components and paths, etc)”, he adds.

Compliance with health standards

Without any surprise, we ensure that the deployment plan of the bus will be “adjusted” according to the constraints related to the COVID-19, and its animation “will comply with the various recommendations of the public health, especially in terms of social distancing and health standards”.

It also states that “the traveling information booth will be positioned in the vicinity of public places in different areas of the city (for example : parks, pedestrian streets, etc). After his summer tour, the bus converted may also be used as office mobile information on school campuses or in the vicinity of the building preparatory”.

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