Tram: tram contract of$ 1.9 Million for planning the redevelopment of Dorchester and Laurentian

Tramway: contrat de 1,9 M$ pour planifier le réaménagement de Dorchester et Laurentienne

The City of Québec is on the verge of awarding a contract of nearly$ 2 Million to SNC-Lavalin for the planning of the redevelopment of Dorchester street and the Laurentienne highway at the entrance of the city, by reason of the tramway project.

It has been almost two months, mayor Régis Labeaume announced that the car traffic on the street of the Crown, would be deviated to the Dorchester street, to allow the tram and the pedestrians to reclaim the street from the Crown in the heart of Saint-Roch.

Dorchester street, one-way, to the south, will be redeveloped over its entire length to allow the traffic in both directions. The project is assessed summarily at$ 23 Million, we learn in a tender offer just concluded. The construction should start in may 2021, according to the proposed schedule.

The elected members of the executive committee are already preparing the field and have approved the submission of SNC-Lavalin, the only one that has been deemed to conform to this contract to perform the engineering of the project, a hydraulic study and the preparation of plans and specifications. Only one other bid was received, but it was rejected. In the end, the City will pay 25.8 percent of more than what it had planned to pay for this contract.

Funded half by the budget of$3.3 billion

During a press conference in may, Régis Labeaume said that he had to, anyway, redoing the underground pipes older than 60 years old on Dorchester street in the near future. By doing this, it’s called doubt that he can include all of this expense in the budget of$ 3.3 billion dedicated to the tramway project.

“Dorchester, we are going to try to take a piece and then put it on the [budget] project, but I confess to you that we might miss some of the arguments because it was necessary to do the work anyway,” he said, taking the example of the boulevard Hochelaga.

The summary of the executive committee, posted online Thursday, says that the half of the sum of (938 336 $ precisely) to be paid to SNC-Lavalin will be taken from the budget of the tram.

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