Trampolines, strongly discouraged by the experts

Les trampolines, fortement déconseillés par les experts

Anxious to see the trampolines to gain in popularity during the containment, a surgeon, calls parents to vigilance, remembering that accidents happen, even taking all the precautions.

“This is a module of games that generates a lot of injuries,” says Dr. Peter Glavas, orthopaedic surgeon at CHU Sainte-Justine hospital and at the Shriners Hospital.

He recalled that multiple instances discourages the trampoline at home.

During his 10 years of practice at Sainte-Justine, he says he has seen all kinds of fractures related to trampoline, and this, in spite of the good will of parents and the observance of the safety instructions.

“There is no good means effective, 100% guaranteed, to prevent injuries in trampoline “, persists there.

On 13 may, the parents of the little Raphaëlle, age 10, have installed the trampoline while their two daughters were taken a walk in bike. It only remained to add the safety net, something which had to be made aware of the day.

After weeks of confinement, they are no longer in place, ” says their mother. On returning from her walk, excited to see the trampoline in the yard, the young girl has made a few leaps, despite the clear instructions of his parents asking him to wait for the mesh to be placed.

To the emergency

It only took a few minutes and a bad fall for her to be rushed to the hospital, the left arm broken in two.

“At Sainte-Justine, they have tried to reposition the fracture manually, it didn’t work, so she needed an operation. It was a small fall, but who has really had a big impact, ” says Annie, the mother of Raphaelle.

She hopes that the story of her daughter will serve to raise awareness of other parents.

“It should be emphasized even more with the 10, 11 years old, she believes. At that age, they are no longer monitors as monitors of young children. They become self-sustaining. We can’t keep track of all the time. And they need to move ! “

As one among many

Between 2012 and 2016, more than 6000 patients have been treated at the hospital for injuries in a trampoline, according to a study in the canadian system, hospital information and research in the prevention of injuries.

“It is an under-estimate me, because there are plenty of cases that have not been reported,” says Dr. Glavas.

Nearly 90 % of the cases, the injuries are related to a fracture, adds the surgeon. Among them, 40 % are children under the age of 6 years, because of their immature bone.

In addition to the safety net and parental supervision, children should jump one at a time and wear a helmet, he believes.

“The trampoline will not purchase the peace of the parents,” says Annie, happy that her daughter is not dropped on the head.

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