Tramway: “inhuman”, according to the citizens of Saint-Roch

Tracé du tramway: «inhumain», selon les citoyens de Saint-Roch

Considering how “inhumane” treatment of citizens on the margins of the path in the area of the street of the fishing Trawler, in the Saint-Roch district, a group of residents will ask the BUREAU not to grant permission to the City of Québec for its tram before you have had replies on the impacts caused in the area.

One of the residents of the condominiums of the street of the fishing Trawler, Frédéric Dufour, was shaken when The Log has been attached, on Wednesday, a few minutes after the end of the presentation made by the City. The latter has confirmed the information revealed by The Newspaper to the effect that the tram, instead of turning on the autoroute Laurentienne to the north of the rue Crown, cross in a straight line the area in front, along the street of the fishing Trawler, to within 10 metres of some homes. There has been talk of expropriation, without specifying where or when.

“It is difficult for us to look at that now and say: maybe there will be demolitions. Between the time we say it, and when it’s going to be a decision, there are dozens and dozens of people who experience a level of anxiety, which is very important. We consider that it is inhumane. You can’t play with people like that. Especially in the period in which we live.”

The office of the mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume, the press officer François Moisan, however, has confirmed to the Journal that there are no demolitions planned in the area in connection with the project.

Mr. Dufour reminds us that the residents do not oppose the path. They ask, however, that the impact studies be conducted prior to the development of it. “We do not oppose the network structure, but it is considered that there is a truck that is in the process of we switch over. We just want to be treated in a humane manner.”

They plan to ask the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE) to require such studies before allowing the City of Quebec to go ahead with its proposed streetcar. The group is preparing a submission to this effect. A petition will also be launched.

“Before expropriating the people, we need to know what is the impacts. It requires impact studies to be serious about the project. We ask the BUREAU not to give the green light before you have. It asks the BAPE to tell the City to do its duties as the world before going forward.”

They intend to put pressure on all the authorities concerned. They say that they are disappointed in the choice of their mp, Catherine Dorion. The latter, in a communication to the citizens, has indicated that it does among not the folder, said Mr. Dufour.

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