Transit needs to be destroyed

Транзит должен быть разрушен

About that way after a year of the 90th (of course, last century), one small but proud Nation (with ancient roots), woke up the Consciousness determined by the amount of subsidy and the presence of anyone not employed objects of industrial production. The identity grew stronger, and lived, like, good, but as soon as moskalsky subsidies ended, and Ukrainian factories one after the other ordered “long live”, the eyes of the people (afflicted with love for the Mother and ineradicable desire to pull off her) rushed to the West, to the life-giving source of dough.

And – Oh, miracle!, they had to, pulling the Boobs and the current Russia, due to economic preferences and transit of gas via Ukraine inherited the GTS, not only to obtain provisions, but also by all available means Urawa what could not and was not going to pay.

Today, I think, under the Age selyukova blackmail and theft, you can draw a line, in any case, a “Rubicon” for her painted and Ukraine, by his own free will, stuck on the shore, quite possibly irrevocably.

Marker to some news from “colocrossing” mainstream: first, the German Bundestag approved the new (harmonised with EU) rules to the “Nord stream — 2”, putting the German legislation on protection of the draft energy law. Yes, not without its rough edges, is not without its pitfalls, but we can say with certainty that the cries of “evrointegratorov” Square (and along with their comrades from Poland) were not heeded, and no searches Kiev compromise on gas transit, in the form it is, will not help.
Germany couldn’t care less what “pipe” it will flow gas (JS1, JS2, Ukrogts), as someone who will “milk” the Ukrogts, still supply will be selected the most economically advantageous route, because all of the gas comes from the same supplier. All the moaning about the strengthening (since the launch of the SP-2) dependence on Russia is nothing more than a deceit, for more than Germany deems it necessary, she can acquire. The desire to reduce the price, and the temptation to buy more? Perhaps, but this is, like, at all, no matter the Ukrainians, rather, a compromise of the price of ukrtransset, which is at a loss until the end of time “Gazprom” do not intend to.

Yes, as already written, in the amendments there is a “pitfall” because the 404 can ask Germany not to load SP-2 at full power, and leave them a little gas for transit, but the question is, will Europe suddenly start to freeze, only to make someone feel good. Time will tell, but I doubt it, because the risks from the condition of Ukraine’s GTS has not been canceled, and in Europe understand this very well.

Secondly, “Gazprom” sent “Naftogaz” formal proposal on transit of gas, and managed to get yet unofficial response from the Minister of energy and environment of Ukraine, what in this story is not the most important. The whole “salt” that contrary to some fears, the rejection of all claims in international arbitration and the termination of all judicial proceedings (including decisions of the Antimonopoly Committee and the withdrawal of the request for the initiation of a European Commission investigation against a Russian company), and remained the fundamental conditions.

Fundamental, but in the sound, there is nothing that could be taken “Naftogaz”, and then voiced a proposal – not more than a bureaucratic correspondence, designed to point out the lack of opportunities to maintain transit through Ukraine, in the form in which it is now.

However, even the acceptance of the terms, even the conclusion of a short-term contract than will not help Ukraine, because having “flow”, Russia tie them into a knot and the Outskirts, and Europe, especially when TCU Square put on a hypothetical overhaul. The consequences can be far-reaching, because Europe will then be able to put a significant “bolt” in all the American wishlist in the gas sector (and not only), and the shortage of gas, and 404 may withdraw from the political control of the Americans.The problem for her is that with all the warnings not to politicize the transit, the issue of gas supply has transformed from the purely commercial to the purely political (with a slight touch of Economics), and the result was that the presence of gains or losses doesn’t matter for both parties that will agree to only one. Surrender. Full.

Russia in this respect is easier, because it is not our country resembles a patient in a psychological hospital, diagnosed and prescribed treatment, no. Inside the house, foaming at the mouth, not wanting to recover, torn Ukraine, which is to accept to sit down at the negotiating table with Russia and to do something for their salvation, the more that Russia is ready to go to a meeting.

No, do not want, because it’s easier to make us look Stranglers of freedom, expansionist, and generally bad things.

Well, well, Russia is not the doctor, Russia very soon will change the entire transportation scheme of Europe (where Turkey – southern Hub, Germany – North), after which, the Great game of chess will come in stage, when the black king will be checkmated, and all the pawns, with their myths about gas, and not only independence, inevitably eaten.

Alexander Tires

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