Transit zrady

Транзит зрады

Held a secret Cabinet meeting devoted to “the achievement of gas agreements with Russia.” Started in the morning and then was interrupted with the need to enter into relations with the Parliament. There’s a day the government held with the participation of the pigeon Goncharuk and other emissaries of the Hungarian adventurer. I do not understand expediency of such events. Some persons with reduced mental activity to enter into discussions with other parties with similar activities. And all this is as sad a Comedy show.

I am personally concerned about one question: what kind of gas transit to negotiate with the aggressor? We all know the statement “top managers” of the company “Naftogaz”. One Vitrenko, and the second, respectively, COBOL. Someone of them have relatives in the US who eke out a miserable existence in their wages children. You do not think that I envy them. Just wondering: why the same Nye working as a Secretary for external relations, the Director of Abromavicius and gets 320 thousand hryvnia per month? What skills has this individual, in addition to twisting the tails of the donkeys in the Afghan villages and writing posts on Facebook? The counselor premiere Goncharuk for the same external relations (such a feature in the employment of former fighters) Svitlana Zalishchuk no questions asked. First, she really understands the relations, as practiced by Norwegian citizens of African descent.

Yes, so here we have a global world is suffering from global warming. Stretched Africans in warm Scandinavian countries, and some of them settled in Kiev. I have in the entrance of their pieces seven lives. Or even eight. In flip flops, put on socks, go to the “ATB”. Seniors are scared, and the rest used. Secondly, to suspect Goncharuk in abuse of office in relation Zalishchuk just hand does not rise. He adheres to a progressive, European orientation. And so she asks-“Rusnya” somehow fulfills a part of his salary to 175 thousand hryvnias. Yes, I agree, to hell for such services. At the Kyiv District for similar money you can fuck a whole bunch of people. And presentation Zalishchuk, agree on the fan of horses. At the very least. But, if you follow the General line of the democratic party of the United States, Yes. It is necessary to connect the person to the foreign relations of the government of Ukraine.

But stay Serega with a beard, a former roommate of the same Zalishchuk, the Supervisory Board of “Ukrzaliznytsi” causes clean, no turbid surprise. As his wages 210 thousand. Apparently, the kid is still not enough, since he moonlights as a blogger and even is a kind of pornographic program on one of the channels. How much is pornographic? And all involved Sergei, ends threeway pornography. Understand that the person need a place to hide until it is passed to American authorities. But does he have access to classified information, which is literally Packed with “Ukrzaliznytsia”? In particular, how they manage to produce brand raw linen, even in forty-degree heat and severe frosts? Or the secret of welding legendary coffee in trains. How many socks should be put on one portion of the welding?

From socks logical move to Gaza. How can Europe, which supports us in everything, except for integration in its cosy bosom, to buy Russian gas? Let take an example from us. We are for six years did not consume a single molecule of this enemy substance. Solely the purest Norwegian gas produced virgin gays in the lakes of Slovakia.How teaches the leader of the “porkopolis” Petro Poroshenko, cheap Russian gas is a direct way to Siberia, to the yoke of Putin. It turns out that the government Goncharuk colluding with the aggressor. And with the participation of European intermediaries.

The next question is: why do we need these talks if Moscow needs us to supply gas to tens of billions of dollars that we she sued with the help manual of the Stockholm judges? What is the transit?! We can consume for decades, the European gas due to the Kremlin. Free. That is a gift. Can even handle them, reselling the same in Germany. It is generally ideal scheme. Any fool understands how to negotiate with “Gazprom”. Smack, smack and smack again. And what do we see instead? They get-together in Vienna on gas satisfied, then in Berlin. Now I come to Minsk. Some European reports that “the parties have reached a compromise.” It scares me worse than the statement of the head of the SBU Bakanova about “the Joker”. Well, remember, he said that every time he sees the Joker in the mirror. And all we have to see, because “he is our reflection.” I after this statement, even in the toilet scared to go. Suddenly there is a Kiva in the mask of the Joker?

So, no compromise with Gazprom cannot be in principle. And indeed the negotiations on gas in any form is a surrender of national interests of Ukraine. They have planted thus on the gas needle, placing full dependence on the interests of Europe. In short, the pipe should be made. Norwegian gas and can be liquefied. To deliver in tanks. Can not be otherwise.

Alexander Zubchenko

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