Transport of ammunition after the incident in the city will begin in two weeks

The transport of ammunition, which were located in a military unit near the town of Arys, will begin within two weeks, said the defense Minister of Kazakhstan Nurlan Yermekbayev, the Senate (upper chamber) of the Parliament of Kazakhstan.

“On the transfer of Arsenal is the order of the Supreme commander of the Armed forces, and in two weeks will start work on the transfer of these munitions, preparatory work is underway”, – quotes yermekbayeva RIA “Novosti”.

Later, the Minister told reporters that the purpose is that to close to settlements no artillery and other ammunition left.

According to him, can only stay in the small arms ammunition in order to protect the units.

We recall the morning of June 24 at the Arsenal near the settlement of Arys Turkestan region there was a fire that caused explosions of ammunition. In the tragedy three people were killed and 165 addressed for medical aid. From the city were also evacuated more than 40 thousand people. On 29 June they were allowed to return to the city after its cleaning from ammunition.