Trash the economy or in different countries paying with plastic

Мусорная экономия или как в разных странах мира расплачиваются при помощи пластика

In some countries of the world through a plastic garbage can be reached by public transport, to pay in a cafe or to get discounts in stores

Мусорная экономия или как в разных странах мира расплачиваются при помощи пластика

The question of where and how it works, answers site “My planet”.

Free to travel in public transport in Rome, Istanbul, Beijing and Surabaya (Indonesia). For this we need to collect the right amount of plastic waste and deliver it in a special automatic containers. However, the rule did not apply to all modes of transport, and the amount of waste in each country is different. In Surabaya, you’ll need five plastic bottles or a dozen glasses. They can pass in exchange for a ticket at the bus terminals and stations. And you can pay for their fare on the bus. In any case, the passenger will be entitled to travel free of charge within two hours. In Beijing you can pay a trip on the subway. For each passenger receives a bottle of 0.1 yuan. For a single trip takes about 20 bottles. They need to be deleted in one of the machines located in subway stations, and then get a ticket. In Istanbul and in Rome, such devices also have some of the metro stations. For a free trip to Istanbul will require 28 plastic bottles.

To pay for the dinner in the restaurant with a plastic garbage can in the capital of Britain and the Indian city of Ambikapur. There are special cafes, which are garbage. The interior is made of recycled materials waste, instead of the money visitors pay with plastic waste. Each dish has a cost, measured not in currency, and grams and kilograms of waste. This practice allows to solve two problems at once — waste collection and hunger.

In Denmark and the UK, there are special supermarkets where you can buy products at a discount. And if in the Danish supermarket WeFood products are sold at 30-50% cheaper then UK visitors generally offer to pay as much as they want to. So can reduce food waste and feed the needy. By the way, the owners of supermarkets France in 2016 is forbidden to throw away unsold products. They are required to distribute the food to charitable organizations. Of course, for free. Owners who decide to act on the principle of “neither myself nor the people”, threatening fines of up to 75 thousand euros or imprisonment for up to two years.

In Copenhagen and Helsinki, dine substandard products. Fear of such institutions are not worth it. Found in dumpsters to feed you, no one will. Just during cooking uses ingredients that could go to the dump: mashed bananas, tomatoes with barrels, products, shelf-life which here-here will end. Such restaurants are another feature: here you never know what will be served today. Every day different menu, because the chefs come from which products were donated by stores the day before. By the way, not so long ago, in Haifa, has opened cafe “Robin food” of the products that were going to throw away because of unsightly appearance, or approaching the end of shelf life, it serves delicious variety of dishes and served tables for everyone. The menu has prices only for the drinks! About the other dishes you decide to pay or not, and how much.

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