Travel with the tv

Voyager grâce à la télé

This summer, pandemic requires, the holiday will be local and the trips postponed. But to continue dreaming, here are a few programs that show us that there are several ways to discover the world and who we allow to travel free of charge, safely, waiting for our health is no longer threatened and that the borders open peacefully.

My villa in the sun

Here, it is the absolute dream. Although an emission tax, it transports us to the four corners of the Mediterranean in search of the residences was amazing the views breathtaking. It follows couples and families in their quest for the perfect home. Beautiful landscapes are waiting for you in Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, but also in the heart of the islands more or less known.

Tuesday, 22: 30 Channel Life


The classic of the classics to a flood of beautiful images. This issue French exists since 45 years ! As its title indicates, it focuses on the sea, both from a historical point of view, environmental and sports.

Thursday 19 h to TV5

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Although this series was initially aired on CNN, is more difficult to find since the death of the chef and host Anthony Bourdain, it is still one of the best programs for travel. First, for its ease to get in touch with the people. And then, because it dealt with its destinations not as a tourist, but a citizen open to the world. Each episode is a beautiful immersion. Closest of the documentary and the issue of travel. Because the project contributes to this proximity, and because it was also the discovery of dishes and local food.

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One of the nice surprises of last spring. Here, we take you off the beaten track. Nothing to do with the emissions of tourism, rather it is a social experience, and ethnographic. It is access to peoples exceptional, who have preserved their traditional way of life. The cameras we have practically never shown before. The doctor of neurology Guillaume Dulude guides us in the highest respect. Change of scenery guaranteed !

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The Kindness Diaries

The Kindness Diaries

Leon Logothetis has left everything to a tour of the world’s crude. This former stock broker travel without money and without reservation. It also benefits from the kindness and generosity of people he meets. And the beauty of the thing, what are the stories of which he is a witness of Argentina to Alaska.

Available on Netflix

 Lydiane around the world

Lydiane around the world

A few years ago, Lydiane St-Onge decided to give up everything to travel. Today, it has its own platform, has published books and has become a reference for many travellers. One of the goals that she sets before on tv : travel responsibly. A growing trend and need.

Sunday, 17 h on Escape

From otherwise family

To travel responsibly is also the mandate of this charming series where a known personality and the members of his family are immersed in the heart of towns and villages. They go to the meeting of the inhabitants of the region while taking part in eco-tourism activities which we open up on full of beautiful possibilities.

Friday, 22 h at TV5

The Amazing Race

A reality tv show which is in its 31st season. Unfortunately, it is not on the air currently, but it is certainly to be put to the agenda upon his return. Teams are catapulted on a territory and have 30 days to solve a dozen of puzzles that lead them to travel. A million dollars is at stake, but this competition also allows us to see, quickly agreed, of the country. To date, over 91 countries have been visited. The 32nd season was due to be released this summer on CBS if the pandemic had not put the shoots in danger. There are also, for the past eight seasons, a canadian version of the show aired on CTV, which was scheduled for this summer.

To watch it on CTV and CBS



Although this series canadian repeatedly rewarded was filmed there a decade ago, it remains a benchmark in the genre. It was avant-garde and visually, the images are still breathtaking. It follows two friends and a director of photography who left everything to go on an adventure. And, in some cases, the adventure isn’t saying much. Some of their adventures involve the same risk. A privileged access and audacious in the world.

Available on Amazon Prime and ITunes

Welcome to tourists

Welcome to tourists

Hugo Girard offers here to discover a country that, for the wrong or sad reasons, charged to the cuff. He opens the borders of countries that have a rich tourist, but where we dare not necessarily go. Armenia, Kosovo, Azerbaijan are some of the destinations challenged by war and that could be known.

Wednesday, 20 h to Escape

Fishing enthusiasts

Fans of fishing

Fishing is a popular activity not only in Quebec, but in the world. It is the passion of the facilitator Cyril Chauquet, which offers us an 8th season of this series that makes us discover the points of water of the Amazon to Florida, and what is there.

Tuesday, 21 h to Escape

The Waves

It is not necessary to be a diving enthusiast to enjoy the beauty of the excursions that we offer Pierre-Yves Lord and his accomplices (including a few well-known personalities). Just to have the call of the sea and of the fascinating species that abound. Gorgeous images, a program that is user-friendly which makes us travel on and under the sea of Mexico, Belize, Turks-and-Caicos islands, the Galapagos, and even in us.

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The castles of France

Many canadians dream of France. Here, thanks to the testimonies and to the knowledge of historians and artists, it allows us to visit places majestic. Fontainebleau, Chantilly, Tarascon are part of these historical tours, and architectural.

Monday, 19 pm at TV5

Resilient cities

Resilient cities

This documentary series shown on Explora opens the doors of cities that were traumatized by the war, whose several vestiges no longer exist, but which are, thanks to the art. Beirut, Port-au-Prince, Kiev, Moscow, Havana and Jerusalem are part of it. A contemporary look at the past and the present.


To bottom of train

For the past four seasons, duets parent-child take part in a rally on rails which allows us to discover a little better some cities of our country. The various trials with which they are faced are as many sites as we can, ourselves, put on our list for the holidays. Kamouraska, Niagara Falls, or Regina are among the destinations.

Monday 16 p.m. on U.s. TV

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